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Report on Beth Israel vigil 04-20-24

Speaking at the Institute for Historical Review

Two members of Witness for Peace traveled to San Diego last month and addressed an audience of about thirty people at the monthly meeting of the Institute for Historical review ( One of those in attendance provided two additional venues whose participants welcomed our point of view and in fact, expanded upon it. It was nice to know there are pockets of interested, intelligent and vocal people out there, and that WfP is not the only group addressing Jewish Power, the Holocaust, and other forbidden topics. See our presentation here.

Dumped by YouTube

Two days after our presentation at the IHR gathering I was informed that my YouTube channel was removed for violating unspecified “community standards”. We now move our videos to other platforms, which may be better suited to withstand Jewish pressure. 

Holocaust Education in the Ann Arbor Public Schools

We again addressed Ann Arbor City Council April 15 on the discrepancies between what is being taught to Ann Arbor high-schoolers and what the revised history of World War II teaches us.  See text of presentation after signature, and click here to view the presentation (advance to 58:35). Again, please note the “peace activists” who flee Council chambers, and the number of Councilmen who either leave the room or turn their backs during the talk.

Has Tucker Carlson crossed the line?

We have often thought of Tucker Carlson as “close, but no cigar”. For instance, were extremely disappointed when he interviewed and agreed with then presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who advocated assassinating the top 100 Hamas leaders and putting their “heads on stakes” at Gaza’s southern border.

But Tucker appears to have raised his credibility since interviewing Dr. Munther Isaac on April 9th and allowing the Pastor to freely speak the “J” word.  Dr Isaac clearly implicated Jewish groups in his discussion with Tucker:

Now, the biggest problem Christians are facing is in East Jerusalem, where they are constantly targeted by radical groups, radical Jewish groups. Let’s be clear. Sometimes some churches, they tried, there was an attempt to burn them. Often times. And this is you can look at it on social media, all over the place. Palestine, Christian clergy being spit at by, these groups. They write very offensive slogans on the walls. Strong incitement against Christians, especially in the old City, all of Jerusalem. 

Spitting on Christians and bombing of churches appears to have gotten Tucker’s ire up, as it has ours. Hopefully, he will continue to expose the anti-Christian nature of Judaism and the worldwide Jewish community.



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Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
Liberate Palestine. End Israel!

April 15, 2024 [354 words]

Topic: Holocaust Education in Ann Arbor Public Schools

Good evening,

In fifth grade we were taught that there were five basic questions newspaper articles had to answer: Who what where why and when. “Why” is often omitted in historical events, and the Holocaust as presented to Ann Arbor students, either omits or distorts this basic question.

From the text supplied by the Ann Arbor Board of Education, we read: “The Nazis claimed that all non-Aryan peoples, especially Jewish people, were inferior.” This is a dishonest claim.

In his book Unfinished Victory, British author Sir Arthur Bryans writes that “although Jews represented less than 1% of the German population, they controlled 57% of the metal trade, 22% of grain and 39%of textile trade. More than 50% of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce was Jewish, as were an amazing 1,200 of the 1,474 members of the German stock exchange… During the Weimar Republic, the average income of Jews was three times that of non-Jews.”

These facts, and many more, fly directly into the face of the charge that Jews were somehow inferior. They clearly weren’t, but it fits into the false narrative that National Socialists targeted Jews because of who they were, rather than what they did. We see that today in Gaza: Hamas is similarly blamed for targeting Jews – AS JEWS – rather than resisting the 75-year genocide of Palestine by the Jewish state.

So what’s the real answer to “Why Jewish people were targeted by National Socialists”?

Peter Winter supplies us with clues in his book The Six Million; Fact or Fiction? He states that Jews in Weimar Germany were associated with extreme capitalist exploitation. Benton Bradberry enlightens us further in his book The Myth of German Villainy. In it he explains how Jews were the architects of the Versailles Treaty which brought financial ruin to post war Germany, and reminded readers that it was Jewish Zionists who brought the US into the Great War, and sealed Germany’s fate.

It makes more sense to understand these reasons explaining German fear and distrust of the Jews living within its borders, than it does to merely claim that Jews were hated simply because of who they were. 

Thank you,

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Report on Beth Israel vigil 03-09-24

 Jews as Controlled Opposition

 Please consider: Jews control the Jewish state. There should be no argument against that statement. But what’s telling is how Jews also control the *opposition* to the Jewish state. Witness for Peace has recognized this “playing both sides of the fence” game for quite some time, but it’s instructive to watch it in action.

 On Sunday, February 25, WfP revved up the taxi squad and traveled to Dearborn, Michigan to protest a “unity” call for “cease-fire” in Gaza. From their flyer: “Join us in bringing together Arab and Muslim, Latino and Jewish communities … to demand a ‘Ceasefire in Palestine.’”. WfP sees a call for “cease fire” as deceptive; it will not solve the problem of a Jewish supremacist state wreaking culturicide in Palestine. Our presentation to Ann Arbor City Council of January 11 expands on this topic.

 Jewish Voice for Peace is Challenged

 The signs we held to protest this tepid call for unity and ceasefire were “Jews Bomb Hospitals” and “Six Million, Really?”, a truthful statement and a pertinent question. Marching up to confront us was a young member of Jewish Voice for Peace. She was certainly not a follower of Malcolm X. Malcolm realized that anti-Black racism began in the White community, and white activists bore the burden of holding their white community accountable.

 But not JVP members. Rather than hold their Jewish community accountable for anti-Palestinian racism, these Jews serve only to protect the Jewish community from criticism. Watch this young woman’s reaction to the charge that JVP is a Zionist organization here. Like all good students of Jewish Hasbara, she fled the scene when it became obvious she didn’t know enough to win the argument.

 Jesse Owens and Ann Arbor City Council

 At every Council meeting, Mayor Chris Taylor explains that Public Commentary is time set aside for citizens to speak about matters of municipal interest. WfP feels that, since the Michigan Legislature has mandated the teaching of the Holocaust at high schools, Ann Arbor students need to be able to separate truth from mis- or dis-information. Towards that goal, we addressed Council on February 20 to inform them that Black sprinter Jesse Owens was respected by Adolf Hitler and the German people at the 1936 Olympics  in Berlin, contrary to the notion that the Chancellor “snubbed” this fine athlete. View the presentation here [adjust to 34:30] and the text of speech follows signature. 

Foul-mouthed Hater of Free Speech

 On March 2, we were verbally accosted by an angry young man, who attempts to remove one of our signs. Fortunately, an Ann Arbor policeman was driving by and turned his vehicle around to lend assistance. Another tip o’ the hat to Ann Arbor’s finest. See video here.

Another Day at the Office 





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 Henry Herskovitz

Witness for Peace

Victory to Hamas!




February 20, 2024 [359 words]

 Topic: Holocaust Education in Ann Arbor Public Schools

 Good evening,

 Since February has been designated Black History Month, Ann Arbor students might be taught about Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens. Jesse competed in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, despite efforts by the American Jewish Congress and the Jewish Labor Committee to change the location to some other venue.

 The most often repeated story from that competition is that Adolf Hitler refused to shake the hand of Owens after he had run a race. The headline in the New York Times read “Hitler ignores Negro medalists”. The black-owned Cleveland newspaper Call and Post ran their own headline: “Hitler snubs Jesse”. The Baltimore Afro-American wrote: “Adolf snubs U.S. lads”

 In his book The Myth of German Villainy, author Benton Bradberry sets the record straight for us, writing about these headlines: “These were deliberate lies. Nothing of the kind had happened”

 The real story was that Hitler was told by the chairman of the International Olympic Committee that he had violated Olympic protocols by shaking hands with German athlete Hans Wollke and receiving other athletes – both German and non-German – in his VIP booth the day before. So that day, in compliance with the protocols, he shook nobody’s hand, including Jesse Owens

 From the book The Jesse Owens Story, Jesse is quoted as saying “When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany” end quote.

 And far from being snubbed by Germany’s white population, author Richard Mandell also helps set the record straight. He writes in his book The Nazi Olympics: “Once at the stadium, the mere appearance of Jesse Owens’ head from some pit below the stands would cause sections of the crowd to break out in chants of ‘Yes-sa Ov-enss! Yes-sa Ovenss!’”

 The real snubbing of Jesse Owens came at the hands of Franklin Roosevelt, who was running for re-election and refused to receive Jesse at the White House, because Roosevelt thought the reaction from southern states would harm his chances of victory.

 The job of the historical revisionist is to set the record straight

 Thank you,


Monday, January 22, 2024

Report on Beth Israel vigil 01-20-24

We Pitch a Shutout!

January 13 loomed as a cold and extremely windy day. Fearful that our signs, which we attach to chairs, might be blown into the street and cause traffic dangers, we offered only the signs we could carry, and held a new flag presented to us by a passing Palestinian man. The result was a smashing 21-0 score (see Scoreboard, below), but reflected the omission of what we feel drives Israeli terror – Jewish Power, Jewish identity politics, and Jewish supremacist ideology. When our signs of “Jewish Power corrupts” or “Jews Bomb Hospitals” are displayed, our message is more clearly honed, but approval suffers. And we accept that.

Begging for Crumbs

On Thursday, January 11, the Ann Arbor City Council passed a “cease-fire” resolution. That’s the good news. The reality is that the resolution had to be word-smithed to a point where it became meaningless, but even that didn’t prevent some local Jews speaking in opposition. Speaker after speaker lined up (there were 90!) to prattle on about Israeli crimes, without a whit of blame placed on the Ann Abor Jewish community for its support of those crimes. Even the Arab voice, like leadoff speaker Omar Abdala, was obedient to the Power. He said:

We are a coalition that stands against anti-Semitism. Our members have said that protests at synagogues are wrong, full stop. When a known holocaust denier spoke last meeting we refused to listen to him and walked out. Do not conflate our calls for a cease fire with anti-Semitism. That is wrong; it is beneath you and it is racist. This is a simple resolution that takes no sides...

A resolution that “takes no sides” needs a response, and we provided that response (text follows signature). It’s instructive to view (a) the City Council members turning their backs to us and (b) the so-called “Palestinian activists” fleeing the room as we rose to speak. Please click here and adjust timeline to 04:15:43 to observe 

We had an opportunity to speak to a Lebanese student after the meeting and asked her why she left as I spoke, and she explained that her Jewish co-workers were upset with our weekly vigils and she wanted to show solidarity with them. See how Jewish Power works? This young woman knew that if she questioned forbidden topics – like why are Jews leading local Palestinian activists? - she would be ostracized and couldn’t tolerate that outcome. So 10,000 Palestinian children and infants get bombed to smithereens, but she maintains friendships. 

Another Day at the Office



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Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
Victory to Hamas!
January 11, 2024 [262 words]

Topic: Agenda Item CD-1, Resolution Denouncing Rising Hate and Discrimination in Ann Arbor and Calling for a Lasting Bilateral Ceasefire in Gaza and Israel

Good evening,

The Jewish state has been committing genocide against the Palestinian people for over 75 years. Now, in The Hague, these crimes are being identified and exposed by South Africa.

Much will be made of a “proportional response”: Are the Jews of Israel responding proportionally to the Al-Aqsa Storm of October 7?

So, it’s reasonable to ask if this Resolution is proportional to the atrocities committed by the Jewish state since that date

Reading from the Resolution: “The Ann Arbor City Council calls for an immediate lasting bilateral ceasefire”

Bilateral: meaning both sides stop using their weapons against the other

Does this resolution demand Palestinians stop using their Merkava battle tanks? Their Apache Helicopters? Their F-35 fighter jets? Should they be required to stop dropping 2,000 pound bombs?
Of course not. It’s not the Palestinians that have these Weapons of Mass Destruction
It’s only Israel. And the Jewish state is using them mercilessly, driven by a religious ideology that tolerates no sympathy for the defenseless Palestinians

Calling for a bilateral cease fire with this imbalance in strength is not a proportional response to genocide

Calling out the perpetrators is

Taking sides is what’s required of Council, even if it means standing up to the Chosen, be they friend or family. A milquetoast request for a cease fire is totally inadequate and not only ignores the enormous disparity in weaponry, but fails to address even the minimum of human rights violations being committed by the Jewish state

Personally, I don’t believe your vote, whether yea or nay, will count for much. I cannot imagine a more meaningless document. 

Thank you,

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Report on Beth Israel vigil 12-23-23

Hostility increases but our support remains constant
(see “Scorecard”)

Retired Ann Arbor Doctor Dave Chernin has taken to counter-protesting our weekly vigils, and exposes his Jewish supremacism by the threatening words and gestures he uses. On December 9, three men emerged from the synagogue to harass us. After a few minutes of heated exchange, Dave – the one holding the flag and now bolstered by these racists – joins in and threatens us. One of the three has been identified as Richard Cascarelli, a Partner Associate at Tim Singer South Florida - Coldwell Banker in Fort Lauderdale. Watch the six-minute video here.

The defeated Jewish attorney Marc Susselman lowers himself by bringing a couple thugs from West Bloomfield, Michigan, to taunt us throughout our entire vigil on November 18. We submitted the video to the Ann Arbor Police Department for their opinion as to whether a threat was made. Please make up your own mind as you view this video here

On December 23, a potty-mouthed woman approaches us and threatens to take one of our signs which she found upsetting (Gas Chambers? Really?!!). When we inform her that we will call the cops and put her on film stealing our property, she experiences a change of mind. And goes curiously silent when her world-view gets challenged. Watch this video here.

Challenging Ann Arbor City Council

On December 18, we asked Council members to imagine the world reaction to any other ethnic group – other than the Jews – who could get away with a 75-year-old ethnic cleansing operation. At this particular meeting almost all the 58 speakers asked Council to pass a resolution calling for a cease fire in Gaza. Fast forward to 4:10 to watch our presentation from this video, and view text of the presentation following signature.

Beware the Controlled Opposition

Many Jews spoke at this Council meeting, some declaring themselves “a proud Jew”, some identified as members of Jewish Voice for Peace. 
Regular readers of these reports know that we recognize the efforts of JVP as those of a controlled opposition.  The racism that motivates the Jewish state is born and nurtured in the Jewish community. For activist Jews to be effective in liberating Palestine, they need to confront the racism that exists in their own, home communities.

But they never do. Instead, they wear keffiyehs, control Palestinian activists (think: Rashida Tlaib) and assuage their own guilt by palling around with the oppressed. Please read “The Role of Jews in the Palestine Solidarity Movement” for expanding this argument.

Not only do these closet Zionists (we define “Zionist” as anyone who does NOT call for an end to the Israeli state) control the opposition, but watch here as they flee before we rise and challenge their Jewish supremacism.

Which member of JVP is willing to carry our sign? After 100 Jewish Israeli doctors signed a document that supported the IDF strategy of bombing hospitals [link 6], we couldn’t resist:



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Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
Victory to the Palestinian Resistance!
December 18, 2023 [271 words]

Topic: Holocaust Education in AAPS

Good evening,

20 years ago my friend Paul Eisen made the following observation. It’s as true today as it was then:

The crime against the Palestinian people is being committed by a Jewish state with Jewish soldiers using weapons displaying Jewish religious symbols, and with the full support and complicity of the overwhelming mass of organized Jews worldwide. But to name Jews as responsible for this crime seems impossible to do.

Israel itself claims, in its 2018 Nation-State Law:

The LAND OF ISRAEL is the historical homeland of the JEWISH people, in which the STATE OF ISRAEL was established.

The racism in this statement is made clear by the changing a few words:

AMERICA is the historical homeland of the WHITE people, in which the UNITED STATES was established.

Who here would be happy with that definition of OUR country? I wouldn’t

Imagine any other ethnic group committing this ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people

Imagine if American Blacks, unhappy with Jim Crow in 1948, decided to ethnically cleanse Palestine to create a Black nation

The world wouldn’t tolerate it for a minute

The world does tolerate this ongoing genocide because it’s being committed by Jews

And the world – believing the Holocaust Narrative as presented by Hollywood – turns its eyes away from the Palestinian victims in their struggle for liberation, because their perpetrators are Jews. And Jews are the ultimate victims.

But are they? Holocaust revisionists believe a full vetting of the events of World War Two will strip Jews of this ultimate victim status. The truth must be known, because Palestinians today are paying the penalty for the world’s ignorance. 

Thank you 

Friday, November 17, 2023

Report on Beth Israel vigil 11-11-23

Has the Mighty Wurlitzer dropped a note?

Witness for Peace recognizes the slave revolt that occurred in Gaza on Oct. 7. Nat Turner’s violent resistance to US slavery in 1831 parallels Hamas’ resistance we witnessed last month. Turner’s revolt crystalized the horrors of slavery, as Hamas’ resistance has focused the world’s attention to the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Truth is, however, we were uncertain how the passing traffic would view our ongoing protests at Beth Israel on October 14. Would the Mighty Wurlitzer (aka Jewish domination of our media) turn our almost-always positive favorability against us? Could the screaming pundits on Fox News sway the public to continue its pro-Israel bias, and vote us down? Perhaps even decisively down?

But check out our Scorecard (below): our tiny survey didn’t reflect this overwhelming support for Jewish supremacy in Palestine (state of Israel). In fact, we haven’t experienced any such effect; the signs of support have consistently been greater than those of disagreement. What can we conclude? The Mighty Wurlitzer has always been able to deliver the standard narrative – to support the Jewish state no matter its behavior – but perhaps we’re witnessing the dawn of a true Intifada with the American people. Just maybe they’re getting tired of being on the wrong side of history. Time will tell . . . 

Twenty Year Breakfast Celebration

Yes, we’ve been at this “great day to protest”* activity for twenty full years now, and Dan McGowan, former Executive Director of Deir Yassin Remembered, bought breakfast for the whole group (14 in attendance) after our November 11 vigil. Vigiler Y brought her two children, Vigilers M and D showed up, as did a new face who, hopefully, will become a regular. Thanks, Dan!

What Happened at the Wannsee Conference?

Michigan students are mandated to receive Holocaust education. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website is used often to provide information to our students. From the USHMM the student “learns” that, at this conference in 1942, National Socialists planned the physical extermination of Europe’s Jews. But is this correct?

We attempted to answer that question at the Ann Arbor City Council meeting on November 13; our address is found below signature, as well as the anticipated knee-jerk reaction from a few councilmen. Readers are invited to view this presentation here (advance to 49:50) and to witness council responses immediately following.

*-- Credit to former vigiler P



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Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
Victory to the Palestinian Resistance!

November 6, 2023 (348 words)

Good evening,

The Ann Arbor Public Schools curriculum on the Holocaust often refers our students to information provided by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. This source provides a section on what is known as the Wannsee Conference, where our students learn about The Final Solution. The student is told “The "Final Solution" was the code name for the systematic, deliberate, physical annihilation of the European Jews.”, but with no corroborating evidence; it’s merely supposition on the part of the Museum, and has been challenged by revisionist historians.
One such historian is Francis Dupont, who has authored this booklet: Tall Tales from the German Woods; The Myth of the Wannsee Conference. In it, we have the complete photostatic transcripts of the minutes of the Wannsee Conference. Yes, they are in German and yes, the translation of these minutes might not be correct, but if any German language expert would like to take a look at these minutes, they are readily available. According to Dupont, the minutes actually exist under glass at the Wannsee Villa Museum, but “very few take the time to read them.”

He writes: “Nowhere in the Wannsee Meeting or its minutes is the murder of Jews discussed; only their emigration and [forced] evacuation . . . to the eastern territories opened up after the German invasion of the Soviet Union”

He continues: “Instead of plotting the mass murder of all Jews, the Wannsee conference minutes actually talk about keeping large numbers of Jews in Germany.”

Perhaps we think this Francis Dupont is merely an anti-Semitic Holocaust Denier and will say anything. So we turn to Yehuda Bauer, whom Wikipedia describes as a Czech-born Israeli historian and scholar of the Holocaust. 

Here’s what Professor Bauer said, quoted by The Canadian Jewish News, Jan. 30, 1992: “The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at.”

There are many other sources that our students could access that would allow them to comply with their mandated education on the Holocaust. Responsible leaders should encourage this access.

Thank you

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Report on Beth Israel vigil 10-07-23


Back when Witness for Peace (WfP) boycotted Hiller’s Market in Ann Arbor (we were successful) owner James Hiller was to receive honors in Birmingham, Michigan. We decided to travel the 45 miles to protest his pro-Israel policies. When the Birmingham Police caught wind of our plan, they contacted the Ann Arbor Police Department (AAPD) to inquire about us. “They are pussycats!”, declared Ann Arbor Police Detective Lt. Mark St. Amour. Detective St. Amour knew even then that our group was lawful and peaceful. The City of Birmingham sent two unarmed officers in shirt sleeves to observe us. After an hour, they grew bored and told us they were going home for dinner.

Advance a few decades, and our reputation continues. On July 21, according to the August edition of the Washtenaw Jewish News (p. 4), a man called the suicide hotline and claimed he was holding a hostage in the men’s room at Beth Israel Congregation during evening services. The Ann Arbor police “fill[ed] the BIC parking lot with cruisers and police vans”, and sent out a SWAT truck. Beth Dwoskin, author of the article, fingered WfP as a likely suspect, writing:  “For almost 20 years, a hate group has been standing outside of Beth Israel every single Shabbat. The first impulse is to attribute any threat to them.”

This first impulse was most certainly conveyed to the police, but did any member of WfP receive a call from the AAPD? Were our lawyers contacted? Did police show up at anyone’s home? No, No, and No. The most scrutinized peace group in Ann Arbor was not even considered to have perpetrated such a hoax.

Advance also to this past Saturday, when a black woman feigned interest in our activity, only as a ruse to steal one of our signs. When we had explained to this lady that the entire Beth Israel Congregation supports the state of Israel and only racists do that, she indignantly replies “You’re going to tell a black woman about racism?” She then proceeds to dismantle our sign and when we remove it from her, the crocodile tears start. She calls the police, who dutifully come out and spend about 15 minutes with her. The cops didn't even bother to approach us "two white men" with her complaint that she felt "unsafe". They recognized her false accusations, and left the scene. Good policing, in our humble opinion. Video here.

Like Elvis, Jewish Power is everywhere

Vigil Supporter A stopped by on August 26 to provide vigilers with some sage advice: challenging the Holocaust narrative is the most effective way of disarming Jewish Power. See our new sign below.  But at the same time, he yielded to that same power by requesting that he not be identified via text or photo. He knows what Jewish Power can do to a business, and, obviously respects (fears!) that power. A is a successful businessman and former Ann Arborite, and it was quite the joy to see him again.  

New Sign

Taking A up on his word, we unveiled a new sign on September 2. It questions the claim made by Holocaust orthodoxy that six million Jews died at the hands of National Socialists in WWII. WfP notes that World Almanac figures indicate a slight uptick in world Jewish population between the years 1933 and 1948, and also that – according to German records – only 4.5 million Jews were under direct NS control, yet 4.3 individual claims of “Holocaust victims” were made against the German government after the war.



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Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
Victory to the Palestinian Resistance!

Monday, September 18, 2023

The 14th Annual Bill Henry International Eat-a-Cheeseburger Day

Bill Henry, Z"L, circa 1940
The 14th annual Bill Henry International Eat-a-Cheeseburger Day begins at sunset on Monday, September 25, 2023, and ends at dusk on the 26th. This day honors the memory of Bill Henry (né Herskovitz), Z"L, for a decision that quite possibly saved an eight-year-old boy from a life of "Jewish chauvinism and exclusivism". For the full story behind Eat-a-Cheeseburger Day please see the 2011 post about this momentous day.

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Friday, August 18, 2023

Report on Beth Israel vigil 08-12-23

Does the First Amendment include a duty to listen?

Part of our First Amendment reads “Congress shall make no law … prohibiting … the right … to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. But what if the Government refuses to listen? On August 7 this writer addressed the Government, specifically the Ann Arbor City Council, to shed some light on the mandated Holocaust education our students receive. But as the screenshot below shows, fully six members of this ten-member body left the room, rather than hear the words of Elie Wiesel. One member – Councilwoman Linh Song - turned her back during the presentation. Text of our presentation follows signature.

Please view this entire exodus from Council chambers on the video at (Fast forward to 31:09)

Just because we think we have something to say doesn’t mean that Mr. Average Citizen needs to listen, but when people who are paid to represent “the Government”, maybe they should be required to listen when their citizenry is petitioning them for a redress of grievances. Especially considering they are being paid in part by our own tax dollars. Fortunately for these government workers, Witness for Peace does not have the funds of a Marvin Gerber or Henry Brysk to take these slackers to court.

Comments from Council

Councilwoman Lisa Disch seems to scold this writer in her comments following Public Commentary, but the sound quality appears insufficient for us to transcribe her words correctly. Fast forward to 52:55 to hear what she has to say. And Linh Song, speaking right after Ms. Disch, vows to contribute $1,000 of her own money to Jewish Family Services every time a Holocaust revisionist dares address City Council with remarks that, as yet , remain unchallenged. Her words: “And I just want to, I will continue with my pledge every time a Holocaust Denier comes and gives public comments here, to give a thousand dollars. I'm happy to give that donation to an organization I love and to a community that still struggles with hate here.”

Note to Ms. Song: if the Jewish community struggles with hate, maybe they should challenge their own leaders when they advocate hatred. Again, here’s Elie Wiesel: “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.”

Coffee with Rabbi Caine

As described in our last report, this writer sat down for coffee with Rabbi Caine of Beth Israel Congregation. We had hoped for a second meeting by the end of July, but that date has passed, and a reminder email sent to the Rabbi on July 24 has gone unanswered as of today. Holding the Rabbi in the highest possible regard, we assume his schedule has been very busy, and that he will contact us when he gets a breather. Please stay tuned …



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Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
216 Palestinians killed this year by “Israel”

Address to City Council August 7, 2023 

Good evening,

Sometimes it doesn’t take a revisionist to enlighten us about the exaggerations we find in the Holocaust narrative. Often the enlightenment comes at the hands of the Holocaust traditionalists themselves. Recommended reading from the Ann Arbor Public Schools Holocaust curriculum is the well-known novel Night, written by the famous Elie Wiesel. On page 32, he writes:

"Not far from us, flames, huge flames, were rising from a ditch. Something was being burned there. A truck drew close and unloaded its hold: small children. Babies! Yes, I did see this, with my own eyes ... children thrown into the flames. (Is it any wonder that ever since then, sleep tends to elude me?)"

And in another book from the same author – “The Jews of Silence”, he writes about the alleged massacre of 33,000 Jews at Babi Yar in the Ukraine. From p. 48 we read: “Eyewitnesses say that for months after the killings, the ground continued to spurt geysers of blood.”

Without supporting evidence, Wiesel wants us to believe that blood spurted out of the ground in geyser-like fashion for months, when no one has ever seen such an occurrence.

Yet in a third book, Legends of our time, Wiesel comes clean. In the introduction he writes about a conversation with the local rabbi:

"'What are you writing?' the Rebbe asked. "Stories", I said. He wanted to know what kind of stories: true stories. "About people you knew?" Yes, about people I might have known. "About things that happened?" Yes, about things that happened or could have happened. "But they did not?" No, not all of them  did. In fact, some were invented from almost the beginning to almost the end. The Rebbe leaned forward as if to measure me up and said with more sorrow than anger: "That means you are writing lies!" I did not answer immediately. The scolded child within me had nothing to say in his defense. Yet, I had to justify myself: "Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are - although they never occurred."

What will the reaction of Ann Arbor students be, when they read of such an admission?

Thank you

Monday, June 26, 2023

Report on Beth Israel vigil 06-24-23

Coffee with Rabbi Caine

Rabbi Nadav Caine of Beth Israel Congregation broke 4+ years of relative silence with an email invitation to this writer for some coffee. Naturally, the invitation was accepted, and we shared a respectful hour discussing our similarities and differences on June 14. Nadav wanted to see what kind of document it would take to convince us to end our 19+ year vigil, and I presented him with some guidelines, specifically the Letter to the Editor by vigiler Sol Metz [deceased …hh] of July 7, 2009. Sol had outlined under what circumstances Witness for Peace would be willing to end the vigils. 
Nadav indicated he would like a second meeting where he could present his document, and a date prior to July 31 was agreed upon. In the meantime, we have generated our own document, which embodies more clearly the points raised in Sol’s letter.

Addressing City Council

We received an email from revisionist Diane King after our address to Council on April 17. She gently advised us against using the word “Nazi”, as it was pejorative, and never used by National Socialists to describe themselves. Since we were unaware of this newly acquired information, we addressed Council again on June 5. Watch here (fast forward to 43:25) to observe seven Councilmen walk out on my talk, as well as two former supporters. Truth sometimes is a terrible thing to face. Text of this talk follows signature. 

Getting the Attention of Jonathan Greenblatt

The Anti-Defamation League (aka the Defamation League) has seen fit to publish its list of “Who’s Who of Holocaust Denial”, and this writer finds himself listed alongside friends Alison Chabloz and Michael Hoffmann, as well as heavyweights Ernst Zundel, Arthur Butz, David Erving, David Duke and Robert Faurisson. Have our signs made a difference?

A Child’s Reaction to our vigil

Readers may remember the comments of Roger Cone, an Ann Arbor resident living close to the vigils. In helping Beth Israel Congregation convince City Council to pass a resolution condemning our 1A-supported expressions of free speech, he employed hearsay when he stated: “One of the neighbors heard a mother walking her child past the protesters, who asked ‘Mom, is that man going to hurt me?’”

Readers are asked to contrast Roger’s hearsay with the 10-second clip of an actual child reacting to our presence, and judge for themselves.



20-May  12-11 
27-May   9-5
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Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
176 Palestinians killed this year by “Israel”

Address to City Council June 5, 2023 (367 words)

Good Evening,

It appears that historical revisionism never rests. After distributing my address to Council on April 17 to a wider audience via email and Facebook, I received a reply from Diane King of Texas. She was going to disseminate my address to her email list, and cautioned me against using the word “Nazi”, claiming it a derogatory term. She wrote “We abhor this term. The Germans never referred to themselves that way. It’s equivalent to the other ethnic slurs that are verboten, but it’s ok to disparage Germans?”

I already knew that the term “Nazi” originated from a country-bumpkin reference to Germans, a slur based on the common farm-boy, or simpleton name “Ignatz”, and the shortening of that name to “Nazi”. This knowledge was supplied by Benton Bradberry’s book The Myth of German Villainy. But I did not know that National Socialists never referred to themselves by that name. In my ignorance, I thought everyone used the term.

I asked myself whether Diane could be correct, and asked the Facebook public for evidence to counter her claim. I wanted to be shown a reference by a German National Socialist who used the term “Nazi” in a correspondence or speech. I ask anyone here if they have corroborative evidence of National Socialists self-describing as “Nazi”.

No one on Facebook supplied such information. One respondent, though, alerted me to an article that explained exactly what Diane was claiming. The article reports that a powerful Jewish journalist named Konrad Heiden popularized this term in the 1920’s as an epithet meant to degrade members of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany. 

Apparently, this name calling stuck: we are left with the impression that everyone used the term, because we –mistakenly  - are continuing to use it.

Two takeaways: one, people and groups should be referred to as they deem fit. How would our Black community react to being referred to by the N-word? How would our Jewish community appreciate being called the K-word? I doubt either group would appreciate it. It wouldn’t be right.

Second takeaway:  perhaps this successful name calling technique was yet another reason why German Jews were found in disfavor by their countrymen.

I think our students deserve to be presented with this information

Thank you

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Report on Beth Israel vigil 05-13-23

From Palestine to the Holocaust

Witness for Peace explains why getting the “Holocaust” right (i.e. historically correct) is inextricably linked to Palestine Liberation. Please consider each step of the following. We believe the point at which one disagrees indicates how committed he is to justice for Palestinians.

1. We recognize Palestinian suffering

2. We want to do something about it

3. We identify the parties
A. Palestinians are the oppressed
B. The Jewish state is the oppressor

4. We identify the power imbalance
A. Palestinians are extremely weak
B. The Jewish state is extremely powerful

5. We identify the support networks
A. Israel is Jewish by definition
B. The membership in this state is based on race, matriarchal lineage required
C. The Jewish state employs Jewish religious symbols on many of its weapons and soldiers
D. The Jewish state is supported by virtually all major Jewish organizations in the world

6. We identify disinformation in the media
A. We recognize Jewish over-representation and manipulation in the media
B. We recognize the Jewish source of cancel-culture in social media platforms
C. Most Americans know little of the oppression by Palestinians at the hands of the Jewish state

7. We recognize that there is no "cycle of violence" in Palestine
A. Zionist Jews invaded and initiated an intentional ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Christians and Muslims
B. This ethnic cleansing is ongoing
C. This ethnic cleansing project is not cyclical; it’s linear. Aggressor Jews invaded Palestine; Palestinian resistance opposes this invasion

8. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine is wholly unjustified and illegitimate
A. The United Nations Partition Plan was never authorized by the Executive Council; it has no force of law
B. God would not approve any group to be ethnically cleansed; at least no kind, loving God could approve
C. England’s Balfour Declaration is null and void; no country can give away land that did not belong to them
D. Only the Holocaust myth remains to give the Jewish state any emotional support

9. Justice demands the return of ill-gotten land
A. Every village lost to Jewish terrorism prior to May 1948 was gained illegally
B. Justice requires the return of these lands to the people inhabiting them prior to 1948
C. Every village lost to Jewish terrorism represents a negative number for Palestinians
D. Every village gained by Jewish Zionists represents a positive number
E. The sum of these numbers is Zero
F. The extrapolation of this Zero Sum Game is the complete elimination of Christians and Muslims from Palestine

10. We conclude from this Zero Sum "game":
A. There can be only a Palestine, or
B. There can be only a Jewish state
C. There cannot be both [Palestine “wins” only if Israel “loses”]

11. We side with the oppressed: 
A. Palestine must live
B. A Jewish state must be (peacefully) dismantled, in accordance with 10-C above

12. We identify the oppressors/aggressors
A. The oppressors/aggressors are Jews
B. The Jews are supported by a vast network of organizations
C. Jewish Power has been amassed over decades of careful planning
D. Jewish Power works against the interests of host countries

13. We recognize
A. That if any other ethnic/religious group was implementing the forced displacement of Palestinians, the world would intervene 
B. That the world is silent in the face of this ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians

14. We conclude
A. That the world feels more sympathy for Jews than it does Palestinians

15. We ask
A. Why does the world feel so much more sympathy for Jews than it does Palestinians?

16. We note
A. That the Holocaust is the single most relevant "event" that grants Jews this imbalance in sympathy
B. That the world has only a Hollywood-driven “knowledge” of this event
C. Historians who critically examine this event risk prison, physical violence, opprobrium, loss of job, etc.

17. We conclude
A. That only because of the Holocaust narrative does the world feel more sympathy for Jews than Palestinians
B. Palestinian suffering is not shown in its true context
C. The Holocaust narrative must be explored in an honest, impartial manner to show this true context
D. We therefore challenge the traditional Holocaust historians to provide:
1. Forensic proof of the existence of homicidal gas chambers
2. An exact accounting of the alleged six million Jewish deaths
3. Concrete proof of an extermination plan

Responding to City Council’s caustic remarks

In =last week’s report=, we detailed the reaction from some Ann Arbor City Council members and the Mayor to the required high school curriculum concerning the Holocaust. We remember Mayor Christopher Taylor calling our remarks “beneath contempt”. At the May 1 meeting, we responded; the full text follows signature. In addition, you can view the short presentation at 16:30 from the YouTube video of the proceedings:

Anti-Semitism and Zionism Defined




22-Apr   14-18 – first loss! 
29-Apr   19-15
  6-May  13-12
13-May  20-11

Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
135 Palestinians killed this year by “Israel”

Address to City Council

May 1, 2023 [ 313 words]

Good evening,

I’d like to respond to the rather personal comments I received from Councilmembers when I spoke here on April 17
I do not wish to respond in kind

Rather, I come before you tonight with understanding. I have spoken about the Holocaust at least a dozen times prior to this evening. No Councilmember – past or present - has corrected any of the claims made during those 12 appearances.

How do most people – myself included - come to understand this historical event? I offer “Casablanca”, “Sophie’s Choice” and “Schindler’s List”. I also offer the Holocaust Museums we have locally and nationally. And the constant reminders the press reiterates again and again. My friend refers to this as the “Mighty Wurlitzer”, spinning the same songs over and over.

In other words, we have been coaxed – not logically convinced – into our “knowledge”, in quotes. And as they say, “you cannot argue a person out of a position they haven’t argued themselves into”

When people are presented with facts that run counter to what they assume they know, a great cognitive dissonance sets in. 
They then have two choices: either consider what is being said to have possibilities of being true, or assault the character of the person saying them. It’s human nature, not necessarily mean-spiritedness

Consider the first choice; I’m sure you all have. What happens if one of you says publicly that there might be some merit in Henry’s words? Words that to date have not been challenged. Do you really think you’ll win re-election? 
Look what happened to Ali Ramlawi after he accepted a small donation from me. He’s no longer here. 
What if one of you vote to suspend military aid to Israel? 
I think we all know the answer.

Reasonable people can disagree, using reason and not emotions. And I hope that as I continue to address this vital topic, reason and logic will prevail.

Thank you,

Friday, April 21, 2023

Report on Beth Israel vigil 04-15-23

Taking a second bite at the apple?

Following our smackdown victory in the Federal Courts, two Jewish legislators from Michigan seem to have targeted our weekly vigils by issuing a resolution for consideration by the State House and Senate [HB 4327]. Noah Arbit (D-West Bloomfield) and Samantha Steckloff (D-Farmington Hills) are attempting to silence our voices by codifying specific claims we have made in regards to Jewish Power. Below are the highlighted changes these Jews would like to see implemented in Michigan’s 1976 Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act

(k) Subject to subparagraphs (ix) and (x), discrimination
because of ethnicity includes, but is not limited to,
discriminatory conduct or communication motivated in whole or in
part by antisemitism, which means a perception of Jewish
individuals that may be expressed in any of the ways described in
subparagraphs (i) to (viii), as follows:
(i) Hatred of Jewish individuals.
(ii) Severe disparagement of Jewish individuals or their
(iii) Rhetorical, violent, or physical anti-Jewish
manifestations directed against Jewish individuals or their
property or Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.
(iv) Aiding, encouraging, supporting, or justifying the
killing, harming, or defaming of anyone simply for practicing
Judaism or exhibiting a Jewish heritage.
(v) Making false and mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing,
demeaning, or stereotypical allegations about Jewish individuals as
such or the power of Jewish individuals as a collective, including
allegations such as the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of
Jewish individuals controlling the media, economy, government, or
other societal institutions.
(vi) Accusing those practicing Judaism, or exhibiting a Jewish
heritage, whether singularly or collectively, as being wholly
responsible for any real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a
single Jewish individual or group.
(vii) Accusing those practicing Judaism, or exhibiting a Jewish
heritage, whether singularly or collectively, as being wholly
responsible for any real or imagined wrongdoing committed by the
State of Israel.
(viii) Accusing those practicing Judaism, or exhibiting a Jewish
heritage, whether singularly or collectively, as being more loyal
to Israel, or the alleged priorities of Jewish persons worldwide,
than to the interests of the people of this state, or to the
interests of the people of the United States.
(ix) Discrimination because of ethnicity in the form of
antisemitism does not include criticism of Israel similar to that
leveled against any other country.
(x) A finding of discrimination because of ethnicity in the
form of antisemitism does not preclude a finding of discrimination
on another basis such as religion, race, color, or national origin.

Witness for Peace responds

Revving up the taxi squad, Witness for Peace sent two envoys to state capitol Lansing, Michigan on April 11 to ask the same question we asked during our legal battles with Beth Israel synagogue Jews Marvin Gerber and Miriam Brysk (RIP): Jewish Power vs. First Amendment – Who will Win? We see that the Arbit-Steckloff bill is headed to the Judiciary Committee and we hope that the adults in that chamber will reject this obvious attempt at squelching our 1A rights.

Addressing the Ann Arbor School Board

Readers will remember that this writer took notice that the state of Michigan mandates the teaching of the Holocaust to all high school students. We were supplied with select pages from the text World History – Patterns of Interaction provided by the Ann Arbor School Board, and addressed that Board on April 12. We feel that the instruction given to our students fails in the ability to mold them into independent thinkers. Our remarks to the Board follow signature.

City Council responds with name-calling

On April 17, we echoed our School Board remarks at the City Council meeting [ff to 1:20:05]. Note the presentation is shortened, since the Board allows 4 minutes to address them, while Council allows only 3 minutes. Our presentation also follows signature. 

After Public Commentary, the Council members are allowed to give their remarks on any issue. Three CM’s took issue with my remarks* and resorted to name-calling, but the best was reserved for last. The Mayor took to the microphone and said:

Speaking of violence, we have not had physical violence here at the table, but we have had rhetorical violence in our chambers yet again with anti-Semitism and Holocaust denialism. Although it does not affect an immediate and proximate physical harm, it does create harm in the community and of course leads to physical harm over the course of time, time and time again. It is entirely and without reservation beneath contempt.

We look forward to addressing these comments at the next Council meeting on May 1. Please stay tuned.


 8-Apr   14-10  
15-Apr  20-9
Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
95 Palestinians killed this year by “Israel”

* Councilwoman Linh Song: “I was just thinking that whenever we have someone who tries to present - basically deny the holocaust, I am re-doubling my commitment as board member of Jewish Family Services and making sure I donate a thousand dollars for every comment, and I encourage folks to take a look at our Jewish community and think of the good work they're doing"

Councilwoman Erica Briggs: "Finally I guess I would also like to just note that it's pretty horrifying to hear a holocaust denier here in the council chambers"

Councilwoman Ayesha Ghazi Edwin: "I also want to express my disgust about the holocaust denialism that's happened here tonight. I think it's abhorrent and I just want you to know, again, that I stand by the Jewish community ..."

Public Commentary Remarks at April 12 Ann Arbor School Board meeting:

I once again want to thank the Board for allowing me to address you tonight. As you know I’ve been interested in what Ann Arbor students are being taught about the Holocaust, and how we are molding them to become independent thinkers.  The information that the Board has provided me will be the basis of my remarks. 

From page 936 of World History – Patterns of Interaction, our students read “The Nazis proclaimed that the Germanic peoples were a -quote – master race – end quote”. I think we’re all accustomed to that claim. But I note that there’s no attribution to that quote, no reference. Which Nazi leader said those words? There’s no way for the student to know. If the student were equipped with books that challenge that claim – such as Benton Bradberry’s The Myth of German Villainy – he could read that no Nazi ever said those words. And if the student were encouraged to do so, he could download a copy of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and could scan for “master race”. He won’t find it, and he may be puzzled by the claim. He may even conclude that “master race” was merely wartime propaganda, in which all sides took part.

On the same page, students read that the beginning of the Holocaust targeted Jews due to German failures. “Some Germans even blamed Jews for their country’s defeat in World War I”. As if nothing could be further from the truth. 

But Alison Weir’s book “Against Our Better Judgment” documents clearly that during that war, when Germany was about to defeat Britain and had actually offered a negotiated peace, Zionist Jews engaged in the process of getting the US into the war on Britain’s side. Prominent American Jews like Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter worked behind the scenes to accomplish this task, and were in fact successful at getting the Americans into the war, which ensured Germany’s defeat. So, what is ridiculed in the text our students read, is actually the true historic accounting of events. 

And again, on the same page, the student is introduced to Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. He reads “Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues across Germany and murdered close to 100 Jews”. But our student will not be introduced to authors David Irving and Ingrid Weckert, who dispute this claim. They take pains to point out that Nazi officials, up to and including Hitler, were at odds with the gangs who committed these crimes against German Jews. In fact, Weckert writes “Hitler was furious and immediately ordered the chief of police of Munich to come see him.” He ordered the chief to stop the fire and ensure that no other violence took place. The work of these authors and others depict the violence against Jews on Kristallnacht as being locally inspired and not the result of Nazi policy. For our students to decide critically what actually happened, he must be informed from an array of sources, not just one.

I hope the Board takes notice of these corrections of history and implements a more comprehensive sourcing of information for Ann Arbor Students.

Thank you

Public Commentary Remarks at City Council meeting April 17, 2023

Good evening,

Last October I addressed Council about the Ann Arbor School’s compliance with Public Act 170, which mandates teaching of the Holocaust. Since then, the School Board was kind enough to provide me with the requested information. I addressed the Board last week and hoped that we were molding Ann Arbor students to become independent thinkers. I address Council tonight with the same concern.

The textbook used in our schools is World History – Patterns of Interaction. In the section on the Holocaust, our student first reads, “The Nazis proclaimed that the Germanic peoples were a -quote – master race – end quote”. I think we’re all accustomed to that claim. But I note that there’s no attribution to that quote, no reference. Which Nazi leader said those words? There’s no way for the student to know. If the student were equipped with books that challenge that claim – such as Benton Bradberry’s The Myth of German Villainy – he could read that no Nazi ever said those words. And if the student were encouraged to do so, he could download a copy of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and could scan for “master race”. He won’t find it, and he may be puzzled by the claim. He may even conclude that “master race” was merely wartime propaganda, in which all sides took part.

On the same page, our student reads that the beginning of the Holocaust targeted Jews due to German failures. “Some Germans even blamed Jews for their country’s defeat in World War I”. As if nothing could be further from the truth. 

But Alison Weir’s book “Against Our Better Judgment” documents clearly that during that war, when Germany was about to defeat Britain and had actually offered a negotiated peace, Zionist Jews engaged in the process of getting the US into the war on Britain’s side. Prominent American Jews like Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter worked behind the scenes to accomplish this task, and were in fact successful at getting the Americans into the war, which ensured Germany’s defeat. So, what is ridiculed in the text our student reads, is actually the true historic accounting of events. 

I encouraged the Board, as I do Council tonight, to provide our student enough information to make up his mind independently, and critically, about historical events, and that he be provided with an array of viewpoints, not just one.

Thank you

Monday, April 03, 2023

Report on Beth Israel vigil 04-01-23

A Learning Moment

A friendly discussion grew heated last month when a Jewish Marxist friend said some of my comments about Jewish domination of media and banking were “anti-Semitic”. He remarked that “America First” was problematic, but that the rest of my sign, “Not Israel”, was something he could support because “[he’s] never been a Zionist”. It seemed like he was admitting to “anti-Zionism”, but held strongly to protecting the tribe. He authored a middle school reference book, Understanding the Holocaust, a fact that speaks volumes about his tribal allegiance. So our takeaway from this heated argument gave birth to our latest sign, below:

Getting Close to the Target?

There were two unsuccessful attempts to steal/destroy our signs this Saturday, and both sets of vandals chose the “Gas Chambers? Really?” sign to go after. See two women in an Audi stop and get caught in the act here. The other group was two young men one of which asked me where I worked. Is this how (((they))) operate? Rather than debate the issue, or produce a single wartime photograph of a homicidal gas chamber, these 20-year-olds (they told us their age) went straight for the jugular: silence our voices by eliminating our source of income. Unbelievable? Not really …

Witness for Peace feels even more strongly now that deconstructing the “Holocaust” and challenging its propaganda is key to Palestine Liberation. It remains the sole remnant of the Jewish “faith”, and readers are once again reminded of Paul Eisen’s observations twenty years ago: 

“The Holocaust resolves the great dilemma of modern Jewish life - how to be a Jew when you no longer believe in the Jewish God.  Secular Jews have found many gods to replace the one they reject – Marx and Trotsky, atheism, psychoanalysis, multiculturalism, human rights, money and success, and of course, Zionism – there’s lots to choose from but only one that serves as a catch-all for everyone.  And if you don’t believe it, try this - go find the most educated, secular, progressive, enlightened, perceptive, sensitive Jew you know - deny the Holocaust and then stand back.”

Abortion appears to be a Jewish Value

See the photo below, taken in the Jewish area of Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill) on March 31. Whatever one thinks of abortion, it appears certain that it terminates the human life process. “Reproductive Freedom” is the “right” to choose to terminate this life process, and Jews themselves are claiming it’s a Jewish “value”. We thought only God possessed this right, but since Jews feel their souls are part God, maybe that’s the  claim behind this banner. From we read, “We have learned that Jews are functionally different from non-Jews in that they have a neshomah, a part of God himself”. We could be wrong about claiming that only Jews posses this religious “value” and ask our readers to provide a similar banner proclaiming that reproductive “rights” are a Christian or Muslim value.

Apologies to the Ann Arbor School Board

A few days after our last report hit the stands, Dr. Jeanice Swift, Superintendent of the Ann Arbor School Board did indeed respond to our February 8 request to supply course information on the Holocaust. As readers may remember, the State of Michigan Public Act 170 mandates the teaching of the Holocaust to secondary students in all public schools. True to her word, Dr. Swift connected me to Dr. Jared Aumen, District Chair for Secondary Social Studies, who provided me with much of the requested material. We plan to evaluate the information provided at the Board’s April 12 meeting.



25-Feb   9-2
  4-Mar  12-6
11-Mar  24-7
18-Mar  8-4
25-Mar  22-3
  1-Apr  19-12

Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
87 Palestinians killed this year by “Israel”

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