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A Quartet of Zionist Letters on the Batsheva Protest--Part II

This is the second part of a two-part post on a quartet of Zionist letters to the editor that recently appeared in the Ann Arbor News. Read the first part here.

The last of the quartet of Zionist apologies is from new president of the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County, David S. Shtulman. Shtulman is a dual US-Israeli citizen, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) veteran, and, in all likelihood, a current IOF reservist. Just a few days into the Hanukkah Massacre, Shtulman proclaimed poor Israel to be "under attack."

In his letter (AAN 2/13/09), Shtulman writes:
It always strikes me as strange that 20 percent of Israel's citizens are Arab Muslims, while the Palestinians insist that every Jew must leave any territory that will become part of the Palestinian State, and yet it is Israel that is accused of apartheid. Or that Israel publicly advocates for a two-state solution ...
This is a classic case of psychological projection - a defensive psychological ploy to attribute to others one's own behaviors, impulses and traits. The 20 percent of Israeli citizens who are Arabs (not all of them Muslims) are the survivors, and their descendants, of the violent Jewish ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 or Nakba. Before the Nakba, there were 650,000 Jews and 1.3 million Arab Palestinians in Palestine and Jews owned less than 6 percent of the land. By the end of 1948, Jewish forces had taken control of 78 percent of Palestine and expelled 84 percent of the Palestinians living on that land. As the founder of the Palestine Land Society, Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, wrote in 2006: "Today the Palestinian population is about 10 million (9.650). Two thirds are refugees, the largest ratio among any people in the world. If you add those displaced in 1967, fully three quarters of the Palestinians are deprived of the normal human right to live at home."

If Shtulman wants to convince any reasonable person that he favors the peaceful coexistence of Jews and Palestinians then he can start by publicly declaring his support for the return of the millions of Palestinian refugees to their homes. Every serious scholar of the history of the Jewish domination of Palestine knows that the status of Palestinian refugees has always been a primary obstacle to any political solution for the simple reason that Jews like Shtulman want Jewish demographic and political supremacy to be maintained and Palestinians naturally don't want to give up their homeland or their right to return to it. Shtulman will never support the Palestinian right of return because he wants an apartheid state like the one Jews have now--one where Jews are running the show and Palestinians are fourth-class citizens or, worse, stateless people living under the Israeli military occupation as in the West Bank and Gaza.

As for Shtulman's allegation that "the Palestinians insist that every Jew must leave any territory that will become part of the Palestinian State," it is more accurate to say that Israel insists that every part of Palestine inhabited by Jews remain under the control of the Jewish State. Undoubtedly, Shtulman's complaint here is that Palestinians do not want Jews to be allowed to stay on land they occupy illegally in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In this, Palestinians are in accord with international law. As the International Court of Justice opined in the "Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory":
As regards these settlements [i.e. the "Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian Territory (including East Jerusalem)"], the Court notes that Article 49, paragraph 6, of the Fourth Geneva Convention provides: "The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies." That provision prohibits not only deportations or forced transfers of population such as those carried out during the Second World War, but also any measures taken by an occupying Power in order to organize or encourage transfers of parts of its own population into the occupied territory.

In this respect, the information provided to the Court shows that, since 1977, Israel has conducted a policy and developed practices involving the establishment of Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, contrary to the terms of Article 49, paragraph 6, just cited.

The Security Council has thus taken the view that such policy and practices "have no legal validity". It has also called upon "Israel, as the occupying Power, to abide scrupulously" by the Fourth Geneva Convention and:
"to rescind its previous measures and to desist from taking any action which would result in changing the legal status and geographical nature and materially affecting the demographic composition of the Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem and, in particular, not to transfer parts of its own civilian population into the occupied Arab territories" (resolution 446 (1979) of 22 March 1979).
The Council reaffirmed its position in resolutions 452 (1979) of 20 July 1979 and 465 (1980) of 1 March 1980. Indeed, in the latter case it described "Israel's policy and practices of settling parts of its population and new immigrants in [the occupied] territories" as a "flagrant violation" of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The Court concludes that the Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (including East Jerusalem) have been established in breach of international law.
Let's see Shtulman come out in favor of granting dual Israeli citizenship, like Shtulman enjoys, to any Palestinian who wants it. Let Shtulman come out in support of the three goals of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign:
1. Ending [Israel's] occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall;
2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.
Don't hold your breath waiting for Shtulman to support any of these goals, folks.

In another case of dissembling and projection Shtulman complains "Hamas advocates publicly for the destruction of Israel." But, in his article "Likud has a Charter which does not recognize the right of Palestine to exist," Frank Barat writes:
... What was the official reason given by the Israel and the International community for not recognizing Hamas?

The reason they gave was that Hamas refused to recognize Israel and had a Charter calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Everyone (politicians and corporate media leaders) accepted this without asking a few important questions. Which Israel should Hamas recognize? Israel has not yet stated what its international borders are. Should Hamas recognize the Israel of 1948? The Israel of 1967? The Israel of 2009 with its apartheid wall, settlements (settlements building raised by 60 percent in 2008, the year of the Annapolis "Peace Process", according to a Peace Now report), second class Arab citizens and with East Jerusalem annexed?

Any astute observer could also have objected by reminding people that Hamas (through Haniyeh and Meshal) had said many times over that it was willing to accept Israel as a political entity on the 1967 borders. You do not have to look hard for this, it was stated in the Guardian, Washington Post, amongst others, meaning that Hamas was now in line with most of the international community, accepting a two-state solution.
The next Israeli prime minister will be Likud leader Netanyahu. Unlike Hamas, Likud is a party which has actually held the reins of a powerful, sovereign nation-state. As Barat writes:
... With Netanyahu and his right-wing party ready to take over, it is only fair to find out a bit more about them.

In the "Peace and Security" chapter of the Likud Party platform, a recent document (1999) it says initially that:
"Peace is a primary objective of the State of Israel. The Likud will strengthen the existing peace agreements with the Arab states and strive to achieve peace agreements with all of Israel's neighbors with the aim of reaching a comprehensive solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict."
But then it says about settlements:
"The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting."
Therefore annihilating the slightest chance of a two-state solution.

On Palestinian self-rule it says:
"The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river. The Palestinians can run their lives freely in the framework of self-rule, but not as an independent and sovereign state. Thus, for example, in matters of foreign affairs, security, immigration and ecology, their activity shall be limited in accordance with imperatives of Israel's existence, security and national needs"
Therefore annihilating any chance of seeing a Palestinian sovereign state.

On Jerusalem:
"Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem, including the plan to divide the city presented to the Knesset by the Arab factions and supported by many members of Labor and Meretz."
Therefore annihilating any chance for future peace negotiations because east Jerusalem as capital of a future Palestinian state is non-negotiable for any Palestinian.

We have therefore established that the Likud party charter does not recognize Palestine and will not accept a sovereign Palestinian state. The soon-to-come non-recognition of Likud by the international community and an implemented blockade on Israel should therefore not come as a surprise for Israelis.
Where is Shtulman's outrage and concern that the ruling Likud Party is opposed to any realistic implementation of the much-hyped "two-state solution," which is, in any case, the very epitome of apartheid?

Finally, Shtulman asks: "Will boycotting the Batsheva Dance Company or UMS in general help the Palestinians?" Shtulman answers: "I don't see how." Of course he doesn't, but one doubts that Shtulman is so visually impaired when it comes to the protests and boycotts of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet, etc. over the matter of "Soviet Jewry" in the 1970s and 1980s.

In any case, Omar Barghouti has written on the subject of the efficacy of BDS. In response to critics of BDS, he says:
Boycott is counter-productive?

Is it? Who is to judge? A Call signed by more than 170 Palestinian political parties, unions, NGOs and networks, representing the entire spectrum of Palestinian civil society -- under occupation, in Israel, and in the diaspora – cannot be "counter-productive" unless Palestinians are not rational or intelligent enough to know or articulate what is in their best interest. This argument smacks of patronization and betrays a colonial attitude that we thought -- hoped! -- was extinct in liberal Europe.

Pragmatically speaking, the BDS process has proved over the past few years that it is among the most effective forms of civil, non-violent Palestinian resistance to Israeli colonial and apartheid regime. The sheer breadth and depth of support this Call has garnered among major trade unions, academic associations, church groups, and other grassroots organizations in South Africa, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and even the US, among others, attest to the efficacy and enormous potential of this campaign in resisting Israeli injustice. For the first time in decades, many movements in Europe, for instance, that have supported peace with justice in Palestine through demonstrations, public appeals and -- mostly marginal -- media work, discovered a process that they can actively and effectively contribute to and that promises to bring about concrete results on the ground, as proved to be the case in the struggle against apartheid struggle in South Africa. Judging by results so far, and as our South African comrades have told us repeatedly, our BDS campaign is moving at a faster pace than theirs ever did.
So, while Shtulman and pals spread their lies and disinformation, human rights activists and other people of conscience will continue to work on BDS--the Bathseva Dance Company protest is only part of a growing campaign.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Quartet of Zionist Letters on the Batsheva Protest--Part I

This is the first part of a two-part post on a quartet of Zionist letters to the editor that recently appeared in the Ann Arbor News.

One of the complaints that opponents of the Palestinian boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel frequently make is: "Boycotts aren't effective." Ruth R. Gretzinger's "why bother?" response (Ann Arbor News 2/12/09) to Henry Herskovitz's letter (AAN 2/3/09) is a fine example of this class of fallacious reasoning. Herskovitz wrote in favor of boycotts against Israel, generally, and in favor of boycotting the Batsheva Dance Company (BDC), in particular. The giveaway, of course, is that Gretzinger does "bother" because her fear is precisely that boycotts against Israel will be effective.

So, with such an inauspicious start what is Gretzinger to do in the rest of her letter? Why, personally attack Herskovitz and then spread falsehoods, naturally. First, she accuses Herskovitz of being a "well-known rabble-rouser." In reality, Gretzinger has just paid Herskovitz a high compliment, for rousing the "rabble" from their Zionist-induced complicity, ignorance, indifference, and defeatism is precisely what Henry seeks to do.

As George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) says in It's a Wonderful Life to the villainous Henry Potter (Lionel Barrymore), a slum-lord and the richest man in Bedford Falls: "Just remember, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you're talking about, they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community." And so it is that Gretzinger and her fellow Zionists want the "rabble" to remain asleep-- to keep quietly working and letting Washington DC send their tax money to Israel at the tune of $6.8 million per day and to keep sending their children to die on foreign battlefields for the sake of Israel.

Next up, Gretzinger tells her readers that BDC members "are dancers, not soldiers" when, in fact, some of the dancers are soldiers. In an October 2006, Dance Magazine interview BDC Director Ohad Naharin said: "It seems to me that in Israel more of the young dancers are likely to have had military experience than in the U.S. In Israel when people really want to dance, they will find a military service that will allow them to dance. We have two soldiers in our junior company." Naharin is himself an Israeli Occupation Forces veteran.

Then Gretzinger strikes up the "art, not politics" tune. David S. Bach (AAN 2/12/09) joins in with: "To suggest a boycott of this dance troupe for the political actions of their government is to suggest that the world should have boycotted all things American for the last eight years." In response, it will suffice to quote Rabbi Tovah Shalom's online comments to Bach's letter:
It would have been a good thing to "have boycotted all things American for the last eight years." In fact, it's not a bad idea now and some people are doing just that. The fact is that almost all Americans are, to varying degrees, responsible for the actions of the US government. An effective boycott campaign might have motivated Americans to prevent the illegal invasion of Iraq and it might help end the illegal ongoing occupation of that country, not to mention Afghanistan.

An effective boycott of the US might restrain Obama, who wants increase the number of US combat troops. In his first week in office he authorized illegal missile strikes on Pakistan--a sovereign nation and, ostensibly, a US ally, at that--that killed two dozen people.

As for the insipid claim that "Through the arts and through cultural exchange come understanding." Well, Hitler and Stalin would have loved that one. Only someone incredibly ignorant of history could make such a claim. Ever heard of the Reichskulturkammer, Triumph of the Will or Arno Breker? How about the Proletkult, Socialist Realism, Bulgakov, or Solzhenitsyn? Every modern, repressive regime has been keenly aware of the importance of culture and promoted some works and artists while suppressing others. And the approved art has never found a shortage of "little Eichmanns," to quote John Zerzan, and dupes to lap it up. The monstrous Jewish state is no different and, thus, we have the Batsheva Dance Company and its fans.
Attorney and former city council member Joan H. Lowenstein, Zionist shill and past president of the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County, weighs in (AAN 2/13/09) with some classic guilt-by-association. Curiously, she starts out with something that, while perhaps an overstatement, is demonstrably true. An unsourced quote she attributes to "Iranian cleric Hojjatoleslam Ali Maboudi" says: "The Zionists brought Obama to power to help America pass through its current challenges."

Zionists certainly did play a major role in getting Barack Obama elected. As Shmuel Rosner, Chief U.S. Correspondent for Ha'aretz wrote in a blog post entitled "Obama supports Israel. Period.":
It is no secret that Jewish money plays a big role in the Democratic Party. "They don't have the number [of voters], but have the means to get the voters," a prominent Democratic operative told me last week. That's why I told the told the NY Sun that "I don't think his real motive is to win votes. It's, of course, Jewish money."
Not coincidentally, after the major party nominees were selected, a spokesman for the most visible component of the Israel Lobby gloated: "AIPAC is pleased that both parties have selected four pro-Israel candidates."

After being elected, the "first Jewish president" wasted no time in appointing Rahm Israel Emanuel as his Chief of Staff, the highest-ranking member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Emanuel once served the Israeli Occupation Forces as a civilian volunteer and as Ali Abunimah notes, "Emanuel is one of the most hard-line supporters of Israel in the Congress and has been for many years." No wonder Obama backed Israel's Hanukkah Massacre in late December and January that killed over 1,300 Palestinians and left over 5,300 injured.

In the rest of her letter, Lowenstein lumps Herzkovitz with Bishop Richard Williamson and Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem. As Lowenstein makes clear, these men have violated one or more of the nine commandments of the "Holocaust Religion" identified by Israeli journalist Shraga Elam. Though the offending Herskovitz quote is only: "Join the worldwide boycott against Israel."

Lowenstein helpfully instructs us that "It is not paranoid or alarmist to say that there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism - and of acceptance of anti-Semitism - in the world today" thereby suggesting that, yes, it is paranoid and alarmist. At times like these, the words of Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein are apt. In Beyond Chutzpah (p. 85) he writes:
Wrapping themselves in the mantle of The Holocaust, these Jewish elites pretend—and, in their own solipsistic universe, perhaps imagine themselves—to be victims, dismissing any and all criticism as manifestations of "anti-Semitism." And, from this lethal brew of formidable power, chauvinistic arrogance, feigned (or imagined) victimhood, and Holocaust-immunity to criticism has sprung a terrifying recklessness and ruthlessness on the part of American Jewish elites. Alongside Israel, they are the main fomenters of anti-Semitism in the world today.
In The Holocaust Industry, (p. 3) Finkelstein argues:
"The Holocaust" is an ideological representation of the Nazi holocaust. Like most ideologies, it bears a connection, if tenuous, with reality. The Holocaust is not an arbitrary but rather an internally coherent construct. Its central dogmas sustain significant political and class interests. Indeed, The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a "victim" state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood--in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified.
The second part of this two-part post will respond to the letter (AAN 2/13/09) of David Shtulman. Click here to read the second part of the post.

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Ann Arbor Protest Tomorrow and Sunday--No Dancing on Gaza's Graves

Reposted from Next Year in al-Quds.

Ann Arbor Protest Tomorrow and Sunday--No Dancing on Gaza's Graves


Please join other people of conscience in Ann Arbor this Saturday and Sunday as we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and answer their collective call for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel. Just a few weeks ago, the Israel rained down death and destruction upon the people of Gaza and now the Batsheva Dance Company, an Israeli government-sponsored group is coming to Ann Arbor, to dance on their graves.

As Ali Abunimah asked while the slaughter was still happening: "... what will happen after the demonstrations disperse and the anger dies down? Will we continue to let Palestinians in Gaza die in silence? Palestinians everywhere are asking for solidarity, real solidarity, in the form of sustained, determined political action. ... The global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement for Palestine provides the framework for this. Now is the time to channel our raw emotions into a long-term commitment to make sure we do not wake up to 'another Gaza' ever again."

7:30 PM Sharp, Saturday February 14, 2009
3:30 PM Sharp, Sunday, February 15, 2009
(performances start at 8 PM and 4 PM)
Power Center, 121 Fletcher (at Huron) UMich-Ann Arbor
(for map and directions click here)

Click here to download a PDF file of the most recent Ann Arbor Batsheva Dance Company protest leaflet.

This protest is sponsored by the Middle East Task Force with support from Home for Peace and Justice; MidEast JustPeace; Newaygo County People for Peace; Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends; Ann Arbor Coalition Against War; Palestine Office; Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice; the Rev. Naim Ateek, Director of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem; and the Israel/Palestine Action Group of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

Please Send an E-Letter
We only need seven (7) more people to send e-letters to reach our goal. If you haven't already done so, please send a Batsheva e-letter today. Click here:

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Update: 6 Days to Go--No Dancing on Gaza's Graves

Reposted from Next Year in al-Quds.

Update: 6 Days to Go--No Dancing on Gaza's Graves


In this update:
1. Protest reminder
2. E-letters at 80% of goal
3. New supporters
4. New Batsheva article on Palestine Think Tank
5. Photos from Pittsburgh protest

1. 08 Feb 2009 - Israel's apartheid Batsheva Dance Company comes to Ann Arbor next Saturday. This recital is part of an ongoing campaign to polish the image of Israel in the American consciousness and, thus, to help secure continued American financial, diplomatic, and military support of the Jewish state even in the aftermath of the recent Israeli massacre in Gaza. Please plan to come and nonviolently protest the Batsheva Dance Company on Saturday and Sunday. Let us answer the call of the Palestinian people for broad boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

Click here to download a PDF file of the most recent Ann Arbor Batsheva Dance Company protest leaflet. Click here or see below for protest details and more updates.

The Batsheva Dance Company:
7:30 PM Sharp, Saturday February 14, 2009
3:30 PM Sharp, Sunday, February 15, 2009
(performances start at 8 PM and 4 PM)
Power Center, 121 Fletcher (at Huron) UMich-Ann Arbor
(for map and directions click here)

This protest is sponsored by the Middle East Task Force with support from Home for Peace and Justice; MidEast JustPeace; Newaygo County People for Peace; Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends; Ann Arbor Coalition Against War; Palestine Office; Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice; the Rev. Naim Ateek, Director of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem; and the Israel/Palestine Action Group of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

2. The Middle East Task Force's e-letter has now reached 80% of its goal. If you haven't already done so, there's still time to sign the e-letter and you don't have to live in Michigan or Ann Arbor to take a stand against Israeli apartheid. Please sign today. Click here to sign the e-letter or see a list of those who have already signed. The purpose of the e-letter is to ask University Musical Society (UMS) Executive Director Ken Fischer and members of the UMS Board of Directors to honor the Palestinian people's boycott against Israel by canceling the Batsheva Dance Company performances and by ending all scheduling of Israeli performers.

3. Since the last update the Dearborn-based Palestine Office and the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice have stepped up to support the Batsheva boycott and protest. Other new supporters include the Rev. Naim Ateek, Director of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem and the Israel/Palestine Action Group of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. Thanks to everyone for their support. It's not too late add your organization's name to the list of supporters.

4. Click here to read a February 2, 2009, action alert about the Batsheva Dance Company on Palestine Think Tank.

5. Click here to see two photos from the Pittsburgh Batsheva protest.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

A Response to the Pittsburgh Batsheva Protest

On the Pittsburgh Arts - Digging Pitt blog Jessica Fenlon writes:
We were settling into the audience at the Benedum center when I saw E. a few rows down.

I went down to say hi. "Did you feel guilty, crossing the picket line to get in?" I asked her.

"A little," she said, "but this is art. What does art have to do with war?"

I smiled. We were here for Batsheva Dance Company, an Israeli dance troupe founded by Martha Graham and Baroness Batsheva De Rothschild in 1964. Ohad Naharin, the current artistic director, began working with Martha Graham in 1980, at her invitation, after he began his study with Batsheva in the late 1970's.
Here is a comment posted to the blog:
Ah, the smug questions of 'cultured' ignoramuses: "What does art have to do with war?" Only someone incredibly ignorant of history could ask such a question or smile at it. Ever heard of the Reichskulturkammer, Triumph of the Will or Arno Breker? How about the Proletkult, Socialist Realism, Bulgakov, or Solzhenitsyn? Every modern, repressive regime has been keenly aware of the importance of culture and promoted some works and artists while suppressing others. And the approved art has never found a shortage of "little Eichmanns" and dupes to lap it up. The monstrous Jewish state is no different and, thus, we have the Batsheva Dance company and its fans.
Of course, the Nazi and Soviet cultural progams are obvious examples by 'official enemies' that most indoctrinated er, I mean educated, Americans should be aware of. The New Rome* has done the same thing only usually more effectively and through the use of 'free-market mechanisms,' see e.g. Jackie Salloum's documentary short, Planet of the Arabs. One notable example where the government intervened more directly is the CIA's Congress for Cultural Freedom.

*In 1967, British historian Alfred Toynbee’s observed: "America . . . now stands for what Rome stood for. Rome consistently supported the rich against the poor in all foreign communities that fell under her sway; and, since the poor, so far, have always and everywhere been far more numerous than the rich, Rome’s policy made for inequality, for injustice, and for the least happiness of the greatest number."

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

¿Cómo apoyar a Palestina frente al estado artificial de israel?

El siguiente artículo fue escrito por Emilio Silva y publicada en 22/01/09 en, un sitio web de Venezuela. Es publicado aqui en el interés de la libertad intelectual y su apariencia aqui no es una aprobación de las opiniones expresadas en él. El artículo ha sido ampliamente denunciado por esos lobos sionistas en piel de cordero como el Rabino Marvin Hier del Centro Simon Wiesenthal.

Sin ser palestino, cuando cualquier persona con sensibilidad (más particularmente en todo revolucionario) tiene conocimiento de las salvajadas de los judíos sionistas en un país que no es de ellos y que le arrebataron a sus verdaderos moradores, es algo que causa angustia, dolor, indignación y rabia realmente descomunales, lo suficiente para quien cree en la acción de la justicia y la voluntad de cambio sin incurrir en los excesos que critica de gentes que se creen por encima de las leyes humanas y naturales.

La sensatez y el deseo de triunfo obligan a canalizar positiva y constructivamente esa energía mental y sentimental del revolucionario en función de posibilitar hechos concretos para el logro eficaz de los objetivos. He allí la interrogante leninista: ¿Qué hacer?

Desde esta modesta trinchera de ideas, quien esto escribe cree que el contexto propio de una situación como la padecida por el pueblo de Palestina requiere de actos, actividades y propuestas de esencia profundamente radical y concientizadora para conmover y movilizar al pueblo venezolano.

1) A nivel nacional.

_. Videos-foros acerca de la verdadera situación sobre Palestina e israel. Hacerlos en todos los espacios, incluyendo barrios y caseríos, junto a un intenso debate de ideas.

_. Ofensiva mediática en prensa, radio, televisión e internet acerca del terrorismo perpetrado en Palestina por los judíos sionistas y sus aliados eurogringos desde 1.918 hasta la actualidad. Para asegurar el éxito de esa ofensiva, aparte de reactivar (o desengavetar del sueño burocratista) el convenio entre Telesur y Al Jazeera, hay que despedir a patadas a aquellos funcionarios saboteadores o negligentes que sólo sirven de latre a la política comunicacional del Estado, así como estimular a los medios alternativos y comunitarios. ¿Para qué ha servido CONATEL (donde supuestamente trabajan dos ciudadanos judíos en instancias claves) si hasta ahora sigue engavetado el procedimiento contra Globovisión por las declaraciones magnicidas de Rafael Poleo, además de no haber ni un solo preso civil por el intento de magnicidio y golpe de estado denunciado por Mario Silva entre Septiembre y Octubre de 2.008?

_. Denunciar públicamente con nombre y apellido a los integrantes de grupos judíos de poder con presencia en Venezuela, indicando las empresas de su propiedad para boicotearlas. Por ejemplo, no asistir más al Centro Comercial Sambil de Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, etc., propiedad de la familia del choro sionista Salomón Cohen, quien se sigue enriqueciendo todavía desde la Cuarta República con la complicidad de funcionarios corruptos enquistados en el aparato de Estado. En consecuencia, es un imbécil quien esté a favor de la apertura del Sambil de La Candelaria como centro comercial, y más descerebrado todavía quien desee una construcción de esa naturaleza en lugares como Catia.

_. Al respecto, como a gentes tan capitalistas como estos hebreos sionistas les duelen más el bolsillo que cualquier otra cosa (incluyendo Jehová), es inapropiado comprarles sus productos y acudir a sus locales comerciales, como también a aquellos negocios, supermercados, restaurantes, etc., que tengan vinculaciones con ellos o sean de su propiedad (como Locatel y la marca láctea Carabobo), o donde vendan sus alimentos Kosher, como Unicasa y Central Madeirense.

_. Incluir dentro del boicot a las empresas transnacionales vinculadas al régimen sionista de Israel. Por ejemplo, Citröen, Nestlé, McDonald’s (o McMierda), Adidas, Nike, Zara, Revlon, General Electric, Coca Cola, Walt Disney Pictures, IBM, etc.

_. Cuestionar la existencia en Venezuela de instituciones educativas solo-para-judíos, como si ellos fueran clase aparte de nuestra población, menos si no es posible la existencia de un Estado dentro del Estado.

_. Concentraciones públicas masivas y periódicas no solo frente a la embajada de israel, sino también a las sedes de las organizaciones judías ubicadas en los espacios de las urbanizaciones Sebucán y Los Chorros del Municipio Sucre del Estado Miranda, y la Urbanización San Bernardino de Caracas. Es bueno recordar la existencia de la Sinagoga ubicada en el sector caraqueño de Maripérez. Las concentraciones se pueden replicar frente a las sedes de Globovisión, El Universal, Unión Radio, las universidades privadas y autónomas, etc., o sea, frente a cualquier espacio donde se defiendan y promuevan los intereses sionistas.

_. Detectar y vigilar, por parte de los cuerpos de inteligencia de Estado y la Contraloría Social del pueblo organizado, a los agentes encubiertos del Mossad y a todas las ONG y demás grupos de la autodenominada sociedad civil (incluyendo a los estudiantes escuálidos de las universidades privadas y autónomas) que han recibido asesoría y financiamiento desde el estado artificial de israel, sobre todo cuando están haciendo labores de penetración ideológica en barrios como los ubicados en la Parroquia Petare del Municipio Sucre. Importante es tomar en cuenta que Enrique Capriles Radonsky es ciudadano israelí. A propósito, recordemos la afrenta que los estudiantes burguesitos le hicieron al pueblo de Petare el Jueves 15-1-2.009 cuando impunemente hicieron actos politiqueros golpistas cerca de la estación del metro, sin que nadie les diera unos fuertes correazos y los mandara derechito paras sus cómodas quintas y apartamentos. ¡Nos quitaron los espacios políticos de las instituciones de gobierno local, y ahora dejamos que nos quiten los espacios políticos de las calles, que son del pueblo y no de la burguesía!

_. Depurar a las instituciones gubernamentales de aquellos funcionarios escuálidos con o sin boína roja que actúan a favor de los intereses de los grupos sionistas ubicados en nuestro país.

_. Emplazar públicamente a todo judío que se encuentre en cualquier calle, centro comercial, plaza, etc., a que tome posición vociferándole consignas a favor de Palestina y en contra del estado-aborto de israel. No es un gesto inmaduro de agresión psicológica, sino un acto de cuestionamiento contra la indiferencia, complicidad, simpatía o apoyo que esas personas sientan hacia ese estado-monstruo de Israel.

_. Invitar a los judíos antisionistas que habiten en Venezuela a manifestar públicamente su posición de deslinde contra los crímenes de guerra del Sionismo y la imposición de israel como estado artificial existente sobre Palestina.

_. Instalación y difusión mediática de centros de acopio para la recepción de donaciones destinadas a ayudar al pueblo palestino, así como se hizo para ayudar a los pueblos cubano y haitiano cuando sufrieron el impacto de los huracanes del año 2.008.

_. Nacionalización de las empresas y confiscación de los bienes de los judíos sionistas que apoyen los desmanes del estado nazifascista de israel, y donación inmediata de dichos bienes a los palestinos víctimas del actual holocausto. Si existen impedimentos legales para tal propósito, será necesario modificar las leyes que vayan contra un hecho de justicia. En una sociedad deformada, no todo lo legal es justo ni todo lo justo es legal, hecho incompatible con una Sociedad Socialista.

_. Enjuiciar a los judíos sionistas involucrados en el golpe de estado del Jueves 11 de Abril de 2.002 y en el saboteo empresarial y petrolero de diciembre de 2.002 y febrero de 2.003, como la bruja Pinchas Brenner y otros judíos de su calaña que aún se ocultan discretamente tras bastidores. Idem con Abraham Levi Benshimol por las mismas razones, además de su oficio de palangrista (¡La tuya, por si acaso!).

2) A nivel internacional.

_. Envío de todo tipo de ayuda a los palestinos, incluso suficiente armamento básico y sofisticado para su defensa de las huestes sionistas.

_. Movilizar todas las instancias mundiales para condenar, aislar y sancionar en todos los aspectos posibles, de manera contundente y firme, al estado genocida de israel, incluyendo el embargo de sus propiedades y cuentas bancarias en el exterior.

_. Propiciar el destacado trabajo de los hackers informáticos contra las páginas de internet elaboradas por los sionistas y aquellos gobiernos e instituciones con vínculos favorables a israel.

_. Realización de un concierto internacional por la paz en Palestina y contra la invasión israelí en ese país. A dicho concierto únicamente deben ir artistas y grupos musicales que sean revolucionarios. ¡Nada de nada con Shakira, Juanes, Maná, Miguel Bosé y demás faranduleros escuálidos! El concierto se puede efectuar en Caracas, o en Maracaibo para latirle en la cueva a la oposición atrincherada en el Estado Zulia.

_. Organización de una conferencia internacional sobre la aparición del estado teocrático nazifascista de israel en su condición de colonia genocida eurogringa, y otra acerca de los mitos y verdades del supuesto holocausto u holocuento judío (una verdadera industria de la lástima chantajista y el sentimentalismo de baja estofa) aplicado por los nazis alemanes, el cual posee un carácter fuertemente dudoso, tergiversador y cuestionable, hasta el punto de considerarse que sí hubo asesinatos de judíos pero sin caer en una matanza masiva y planificada como la que las hordas sionistas hacen ahora en Palestina. Ambas conferencias se efectuarían en Caracas, con amplia cobertura mediática y duración de varios días.

_. Combatir la criminalización mediática de las justas luchas heroicas de grupos como Hamas y Hezbollah, así como la chocante y cínica victimización mediática del estado segregacionista de israel, y frente a la venenosa e invisible manipulación aquí referida, no reducir todo el conflicto únicamente a la Franja de Gaza, cuándo es una porción de una totalidad más grande como lo es Palestina. No olvidemos que Gaza es parte de Palestina, pero Palestina no incluye solamente a Gaza. Es también Cisjordania y el resto de territorio ilegal y violentamente usurpado a los palestinos y ocupados por los invasores judíos sionistas.

_. Aplicar los puntos anteriores para los casos de Afganistán, Irak, Colombia y el Congo, países donde el imperialismo eurogringo y el Sionismo tienen sus manos metidas.

_. Toda esta ofensiva política, diplomática y comunicacional debe ir acompañada de todas las gestiones necesarias para la liberación del camarada Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, alias “Carlos” (el sobrenombre de “El Chacal” es una ofensa impuesta por las empresas privadas de comunicación), quien está prisionero en las cárceles de Francia por obra y gracia del Sionismo y el imperialismo, debido a que hasta ahora es el único revolucionario venezolano públicamente conocido que ha ido a combatir a favor de la causa palestina desde los años 60 del siglo pasado. ¡Honor y gloria al camarada Carlos!

_. En ese orden de ideas, denunciar la represión interna existente dentro del estado dictatorial de israel contra aquellos judíos opuestos a los abusos contra Palestina. Esa represión ha llegado hasta el punto de estar encarcelados numerosos jóvenes judíos por no querer enrolarse en la soldadesca sionista. Con el fin de apoyar la campaña de liberación de esos jóvenes, en la página virtual existe un enlace para tal efecto.

_. Retorno a su país de los palestinos exiliados y refugiados en otros países. Aquí sí vale hablar de la diáspora palestina, no de la supuesta diáspora judía pues no se puede plantear ese concepto de dispersión en torno a una religión que cualquier persona puede adoptar en cualquier parte del mundo.

_. Destrucción de la versión ampliada del Muro de Berlín que rodea a la Franja de Gaza y otros territorios de Palestina.

_. Devolución inmediata, por parte de la entidad sionista, de todos los territorios usurpados a los países vecinos a Palestina.

_. Anular los acuerdos internacionales que favorezcan al estado artificial de israel, como el Tratado de Libre Comercio que tiene con el MERCOSUR.

_. Incentivar la concientización de los sectores alienados de la población israelí, y apoyar su insurrección contra el régimen nazifascista de israel.

_. Liberación incondicional e impostergable de los valientes combatientes palestinos prisioneros de los chacales sionistas en cárceles y campos de torturas.

_. Compensación material, financiera y moral a todas las víctimas palestinas, libanesas, sirias, etc., a ser cumplida con los recursos del estado de israel, o en última instancia con los bienes mal habidos de judíos sionistas beneficiarios de las propiedades que eran de originalmente de los palestinos y sus descendientes.

_. Reconstrucción (con colaboración internacional) de todas las aldeas y ciudades palestinas, junto a la devolución total de las aldeas y ciudades antes pobladas por los palestinos pero que ahora se hayan ocupadas ilegalmente por ciudadanos israelíes. Igualmente, entregar a los palestinos todos aquellos asentamientos judíos, que aparecieron luego de la creación del estado forajido de israel, en zonas despobladas con anterioridad. En pocas Palabras, es el reintegro total de la nación palestina sin caer en la trampoa política que representa la muy cuestionable Resolución 181 de la ONU (irrespetada por el Sionismo), donde absurdamente se establece la creación de dos estados en el mismo territorio palestino. ¡Un solo territorio palestino, un solo estado palestino!

_. Avalar la disolución del estado artificial de israel (un anacronismo medieval de inspiración religiosa) luego de haber cumplido con los debidos actos de compensación, reconstrucción y devolución de los puntos anteriores. Esa disolución no implica expulsar a todos los judíos del territorio palestino, sino más bien retomando de otra forma lo que propone el camarada Eduardo Rothe, que es la conformación de una asamblea constituyente donde participen judíos antisionistas y palestinos de religión judía, cristiana y musulmana, donde se consagre la tolerancia religiosa y la construcción de una sociedad socialista pluricultural y multiétnica, a ser ejemplo de los demás pueblos asiáticos. El territorio donde existirá ese nuevo estado se seguirá denominando Palestina, y el estado de israel será solo un mal recuerdo de épocas atrasadas. Los judíos sionistas tendrán que aceptar estas condiciones o deberán emigrar a otro sitio, como Estados Unidos y Europa, de donde originalmente provienen muchos de ellos y sus ancestros.

_. Enjuiciamiento sumario sin contemplaciones de los políticos y militares judíos sionistas (de todos los rangos, incluyendo soldados) responsables del actual holocausto palestino y de crímenes anteriores cometidos en Palestina y otros países, así como llevar a los tribunales a los colonos judíos de derecha que hayan sido autores y cómplices de esas y otras barbaridades. Dentro de esos procesos judiciales, incluir a integrantes de grupos terroristas como Hagana, Irgun y Stern que aún estén vivos, y efectuar juicios póstumos a criminales fallecidos como Golda Meier, David Ben Gurion, Menaghen Begin, Ariel Sharon, etc.

_. Búsqueda y enjuiciamiento de los mercenarios israelíes que han entrenado a las bandas paramilitares causantes de sufrimientos a los pueblos de Colombia y Centroamérica. Un digno representante de esa ilustre estirpe es el psicópata Yair Klein (o como se llame), coronel retirado del ejército israelí.

_. Actuar contundentemente contra Estados Unidos y los países europeos que se opongan o saboteen la aplicación de todos los puntos aquí expuestos.

Seguir con esta sucesión de planteamientos va para largo por la enormidad de las aberraciones sionistas, confrontada con la colosal capacidad de amor, imaginación, inteligencia y justicia que los revolucionarios estamos obligados a desarrollar y estimular entre nosotros mismos y el resto de la humanidad para que otro mundo mejor sea posible.

Dejo hasta aquí estas humildes aportaciones para que otros las enriquezcan y mejoren, pero más importante aún, luchar porque sea realidad concreta a favor del hermano pueblo de Palestina.

¡Por la liberación del revolucionario venezolano-palestino Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (mal llamado “El Chacal” por los pitiyanquis), prisionero en las mazmorras francesas! ¡Palestinos somos todos!

Emilio Silva: Trabajador Académico de la UBV, miembro del Colectivo Docente UBV

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