Monday, July 31, 2006

Reconciliation Resolution of the METF

To see a leaflet concerning the dispute between the METF and the ICPJ Steering Committee click here (PDF). The leaflet has not been approved by the METF as a body.


Approved by consensus of the Middle East Task Force at its regular meeting on June 6, 2006.

RESOLVED, consistent with the stated core values of the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, the Middle East Task Force (METF):
  1. Regrets our own collective and/or individual failures of listening, love, generosity, respect, and other core values; and,
  2. Reminds the Steering Committee (SC) that individual members of the METF who attended SC meetings did not represent us and their comments represented their own views and not necessarily those of the METF; and,
  3. In the spirit of the core values of "love, compassion, and understanding" and "non-judgmental listening," reaffirms its appeal to the SC to enter into mediation or substantive dialogue with us; and,
  4. Reminds the SC, that according to the ICPJ's Executive Director, you decided in May to pursue a " a 2-track process … Track one is a mediation process with the Middle East Task Force"; and,
  5. Asks the SC to reflect upon the ICPJ core value of "not using power to dominate"; and,
  6. In the spirit of the core values of justice and respect and as a step toward reconciliation, calls upon the SC to lift all of the restrictions imposed upon us during the last year; and,
  7. Implores the SC to seek reconciliation with our friend and brother, Farouq Shafie, and to re-elect him to the SC from which he resigned in protest of your "suspension" of the METF; and,
  8. Calls upon the SC to remember the first principle of interfaith unity—adherence to an ethic that shuns violence and demands justice; and,
  9. Reminds the SC of the ICPJ core value of "advocacy for the oppressed"; and,
  10. Once again, urges the SC to endorse Palestinian civil society's call for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel and to use ICPJ's resources to organize a vibrant campaign of divestment and broad boycotts on the streets and in our community's houses of worship and halls of power; and
  11. Urges the SC to honor its May 13, 2003, pledge to "develop a campaign ... to encourage the [US] government to end its complicity in ... violations of human rights by suspending its military aid and arms sales to Israel, and to divest ... from all companies that manufacture or sell arms and other military hardware to Israel;" and,
  12. Designates Phyllis Ponvert and Sol Metz as its representatives to the SC for the purpose of facilitating mediation.
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