Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ICPJ Staff Suppress Embarassing Results

On Saturday, we published the results of the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice's (ICPJ) survey on the future of the group's Middle East work. That same day we added a short comment mentioning the results with a link to this blog to the two ICPJ blog entries: "Middle East 'Imagine' results" and "Mediation sub-committee reports." Apparently, the inconvenient truth that ICPJ members strongly support mediation was too embarassing. Or, maybe, ICPJ staff don't want links to this blog on their site or, maybe, both.

In any event, after initially being displayed, the two comments were missing from the ICPJ blog when we checked it on Monday and the survey results were still nowhere to be found on the ICPJ web site. Well, we're not afraid to link to the ICPJ's site and we're not afraid to tell you that 65% of ICPJ members surveyed support mediation with the Middle East Task Force (METF) while only 46% of respondents supported "moving forward" with the proposed "Olive Branch Alliance."

Today is a moment of truth for the ICPJ Board of Directors as they are scheduled to "to act on the report" (PDF) of the "Imagine" group at today's meeting. We hope they do the right, honorable, and honest thing by supporting mediation but we won't be very surprised if a majority supports terminating the METF and moving ahead with the Zionist-approved "Olive Branch Alliance." If that is what happens then you can expect the perps to bleat about what a "difficult," wrenching, etc. decision it was for them to do exactly what they wanted to do all along.

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