Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Juxtaposition" Update

This an update to an earlier post. Apparently, the Zionist spinmeisters at the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County realized that actually proclaiming--in reference to the recent Israeli devastation of Lebanon--"Our People. Our Israel. Our War." was problematic. The stark truth that the Federation and other United Jewish Communities branches all over this country comprise a vast Zionist state terrorist infrastructure--the American fundraising, religious, propaganda, and political arms of apartheid Israel--was a little too dangerous to be trumpeted so publicly. These people don't have dual loyalties--their loyalty is to Israel. And, so, that revealing but incriminating phrase was removed from the Federation's web site by its skulking propagandists but not before it was captured in a Google cache (see before and after images below).


Last revised: 8/27/06

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