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Islam-Basher Brigitte Gabriel to Visit Ann Arbor on 12/4

A group called Israel IDEA is sponsoring a visit to Ann Arbor by Brigitte Gabriel on Monday, December 4, 2006 at 8 PM in Auditorium C of Angell Hall, University of Michigan. Reports of Israel IDEA's activities have appeared on the web sites of the David Project and and the group is, apparently, led by UM undergrads Jessica Risch and Brad Stulberg.

Brigitte Gabriel is the founder of the American Congress for Truth and the author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America. Gabriel is a popular speaker on the pro-Israel lecture circuit and is a member of the Jewish National Fund Speakers Bureau. Muslims, Arabs, and their friends and allies should give Gabriel a proper welcome.

Below are a few excerpts from her welcome message on the American Congress for Truth web site.
... War has been declared on Christians, Jews, non-Muslims and secularists worldwide by Islamic extremists...simply because we are infidels according to their belief.

As Islamic fundamentalism spreads its tentacles worldwide, it is crucial for the people of the Western world to understand the danger, know what to expect, and know what to do about it.

Threats and realities of forced conversions to Islam, beheadings, torture and murder are quickly becoming commonplace. They’re rarely mentioned in the news and when they are, it’s with a disclaimer…the word “insurgent” has replaced the truth of “terrorists.”

Political correctness is killing us.

This Is The New Reality

We are in for the fight of our lives.

That we have not yet had another terrorist attack in the United States is remarkable, but it will happen. Al Queda keeps its promises.

How do I know this? I was born in Lebanon and raised as a Christian. When the Lebanese Civil War broke out, our family, and our Maronite community came under vicious attack by Islamic extremists.

They promised to destroy us, and as you know from the recent war in Lebanon, the country is now nearly Islamic.

... Yet the West does not fully realize the bloodthirsty intentions of the menace of fundamental Islam.

This enemy -- is relentless. It is determined.

Why Does Our Struggle Matter? It Matters Because...

If we don't win the war against Islamofascism other issues won't matter at all.

We won't have an economy to worry about.

We won't have equal rights for all.

We won't have our cherished freedom.

And we will live under Sharia Law.

We Must Win This War

The enemy loves death -- far more than we love life.

The enemy uses children as human bombs, mothers as suicide bombers, men driven by the glory of death and the promise of eternal sexual bliss in heaven...and martyrdom on earth.

This is the enemy reality: murder and death of "infidels" by any means for the glory of Allah.
The Maronites form the base community for the quasi-fascist Kata'ib Party, better known in the West as the Phalange Party (see Hizbullah, Israel, and the Gemayel Assassination) and have been allies of Israel and the West in Lebanon since at least early 1980s. The Israelis killed tens of thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese in the country from 1982 until 2000 (a point Gabriel seems to neglect) but it was Maronite militias who actually perpetrated the Israeli-sanctioned massacres at Sabra and Shatila in 1982. Despite this, contrary to Gabriel's claims, the Maronites not only survive but wield considerable power in Lebanon, including 34 out of 128 seats in the current Lebanese parliament.

Gabriel and her family come from Marjayoun in southern Lebanon. Marjayoun was the headquarters of Israeli occupation forces and Israel's proxy, the South Lebanon Army (SLA). In 2000, Hizbullah drove the Israelis from the country and the SLA collapsed. The SLA was mostly composed of Shi'a Muslims and Druze but was commanded by Christians. To quote the BBC:
The demoralised SLA force of 2,500 fighters has always been left to do the dirtiest work for Israel in what has always been a dirty conflict.

Most notoriously, they were in nominal charge of al-Khiam "prison" south of Marjayoun, the Israeli military headquarters in Lebanon.

Many hundreds of Lebanese prisoners have been held there over the years without trial and without charge, under inhuman conditions with routine torture.

Former detainees said that although there was no actual Israeli presence in al-Khiam, SLA interrogators received questions for captives by e-mail from their Israeli masters over the border.

Often the detainees were held merely as hostages, because they had relatives in the Shi'a guerrilla force Hezbollah, or because they refused to collaborate with Israel.
Most rank-and-file SLA troops, including thousands who initially fled to Israel, have been reintegrated into Lebanese society. However, true to her collaborationist roots, Gabriel is a staunch advocate for Israel who often conflates the US and Israel in her analysis and advocacy.

In a September 27, 2006, presentation to the Heritage Foundation, Gabriel endorsed an "intelligence community" estimate of "180 to 300 million" radicalized Muslims worldwide--these are the enemies she has declared war with. She also berated Muslim Americans for failing to:
... take to the streets and rally and send a message to the radicals in the Middle East that we are Americans first. You kill one of us, you kill all of us. We, we condemn Hamas, we condemn al-Qaeda, we condemn Jamal Islamiya, we condemn Hizbullah ... Let's talk about the passions of the Hizbullah supporters in Dearbornistan, Michigan, right here in our country. They were free to demonstrate in support of Hizbullah, against the United States of America. Yet, we haven't seen this passion and this numbers of people coming out to the streets to defend America.
In the same presentation she declared that Europe "has died" and been replaced by Muslim-dominated "Eurabia."

See also:
Update: Report on Brigitte Gabriel Talk

Last revised: 12/07/2006

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Apparently, you can't handle the truth.

Dry your pity-party tears of humiliation, it's a bunch of b.s. anyway.
Gee, you people don't much care for open discussion and debate, do you?

And you don't seem to have too good an idea as to what's been going on in Europe.

Ever wonder why there's no active Palastinian peace movement in Gaza? Because they've all been forced into exile, threatened into submission, or killed.

I'm reminded the Sonderkommandos, who did the work of the Nazis, hoping they'd be killed last.

I'd sign my name, but I have to live in Ann Arbor, and I don't need harassment from the loonies.
The Religion Of Perpetual Insult is offended! Someone call the WAAAAAAHMBULANCE.
you should be asamed of yourselves...but i forgot...your a bunch of terrorist supporting would be suicide bombers....go back to pakistan and iran you ignorant assholes!

leave this pretty truth speaking intelligent christian woman alone....dont you have something better to do....i mean your at
UM...go smoke some pot or something...thats more constructive thatn being terrorist idiots!
Well by what I read it seems Ms. Bariel is a pretty smart gal.

What you don't like hearing the truth?
Huh? So that is Gabriel's track record? Sounds impressive. So why are you against her again? Do you think Islamic terrorism is a good thing?
VIVA Brigitte Gabriel! Are you so afraid of the truth? Just look at peaceful Palestine with its wonderful new democracy, thriving economy, and peaceful foreign policy. Wow. Publish a few cartoons and what do you get--chaos. The Pope makes a historical reference to faith, reason and the sword and what do you get---chaos. Theo Van Gogh makes a movie and what do you get--murder. Rachel Corrie sides with the murderers and what do you get--flattened. Mrs. Nidal wins a government post in Palestine--how? She's the mother of suicide bombers. Great platform. And you really think Ms. Gabriel is wrong?
Than you for confirming to me a law abiding free thinking speaking American Christian of the greatest country in the world that your organization advocates hate and spreads lies for anyone who does not believe as you do. I also want to thank you for pointing out the bar code to look for on as you put it Zionist products. This will help me to locate and purchase these products. If you would spend more time trying to contribute to this country instead of taking from it and trying to destroy it. You might get to see Jesus and you may also have a peace of mind.
I am only disappointed that I am unable to attend Bridgette's speech to show support and to hear her provide the facts. she lived it and experienced it. What about you?
Brigitte Gabriel is a courageous woman whom I bless for her willingness to risk her life telling the truth about Islam. May God open your eyes to the truth.
Zionist is just Jewish Nationalism. It is no more racist or genocidal than American nationalism or Mexican nationalism or Italian nationalism. If you looking for real calls for genocide, why not look to the Muslim world where Osama bin Laden stated outright that his organization, Al Queda, wants all Christians, all Americans and all Jews DEAD. He declared it. Why aren't Al Queda terrorists being called Nazis, when they really do seek genocide? Why isn't OBL referred to as Hitler? Answer: They are Arabs, and the real racism is coming from the Left as they won't call Arab Nazis as Nazis or Arab bigots as bigots, but will only condemn Nazism or bigotry, when it comes from Caucasians.

If you are so concerned with human rights again, why not pay attention to where REAL GENOCIDE is occuring: Darfur, Sudan and where REAL APARTHEID is occuring: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Libya and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Brigitt Gabriel has guts for dealing with real bigotry and real fascism and real attempts toward genocide coming from the Islamic world and the PeaceMonger is a liar and fool for not condemning her for pointing this out and ignoring real bigotry, fascism and moves toward genocide.
I'd rather live in an Israeli prison than under Islamic government.
What is wrong with freedom of speech?
Apprently the free expression of ideas, even those we disagree with is not something you cherish. We Americans will never surrender to fascism, no burning books and no stopping speakers from expressing their ideas.
Take your hatred and instead try to love your children. Don't blame others for the failures of your culture.
Muslim Nazis must be exposed.
May our Abba protect and defend the honorable Brigette Gabriel!
You are a hatemonger. Brigitte Daniel's quote are the truth. I don't know whether or nor you are a muslim. If you are not a Muslim, you should live as a native minority in a muslim majority country, that way you'd find out about the "freedom" of the minorities in a muslim country.

There are no freedom of speech in a muslim country.

If you are a Muslim, and you don't like the freedom of speech in this great US of A, then either migrate to a Muslim country where you will only hear Muslim voice because other vioces are suppressed, or if you are a Muslim migrant in this country, go back to where you came from.

Let us in the US live in peace.
Yet again, you crybaby muslims. Thank allah that you live in a country that was founded on the Judeo-Christian (and distinctly WESTERN) concepts of free speech, individual liberty and religious freedom. Otherwise, your sorry asses would be washing the tattered rags you'd call clothes in some dirty river (you know, where most of your family is). Hope this helps.
This could be a good presentation. We all need to learn more about Islam, and what is really going on with this strange culture and religion.
I read this blog and felt pretty pissed at the ridiculous nature of its slanderous innacuracies... then I read the comments... lol... no need to rant against this loonie, been done for me, thanks guys, good to see plenty of you know what's right - Secular Defender from Australia
Hey, Bridgette:
Based upon some of the comments from the Muslims and their supporters here at your site, can I take it that this is a taste of what living under Sharia law will be like?


Just wonderin'

~Norsk Troll
Why has the Muslim world so little accomplishment to its credit? Maybe a dozen Nobel Prizes, for over a billion people.
Allahu akbar indeed! Meanwhile, the horrible, terrible, cruel, mean, nasty Jews, who are so few in number, have many,
many Nobel Prizes to their credit. They come to the Middle East, set up a country, work, produce, make the desert bloom, invent, discover, and generally make much more of themselves than any neighboring Muslim countries ever did, and
they do it in just a few decades. If Allah is so very akbar, why do His people live like apes and pigs, while the
Yahud live like human beings? And what about all the oil money? All it pays for are Madrassas for brainwashing future
Jihadis, and the obscene and most likely un-Islamic lifestyle of the Royalty. Where's your development? Where are your
inventions and discoveries? Get off your asses and be something more than a shaheed. Which brings me to my next point,
why is Islam the only faith in which something very haram in this life is halal in the afterlife?
If you are confident that your "allah" and his prophet are the truth, why are you so concerned about some little chick coming and talking about her experience and her views? That should not scare you correct? Why don't you go and debate and engage instead of having a cow about the fact she would dare come and say what she thinks.
I see the often mentioned silent Muslim majority has spoken yet again as they did this summer: in support of Hezbollah and their Islamofascist brothers.

Don't worry guys, keep up the fight against this racist bitch!

Most of these racist and ignorant comments are from anyways, this radical right wing blog that embraces intolerance and disinformation. I read it for entertainment and to remind myself how our educational system has failed us... but yeah keep up the good work and i'll try to get my sister to help your cause, she goes to U of M.
let her speak. leave her alone.
I love it, the arab world has 21 illegal countries and you birch about israel?

Let's all boycott arab goods...

oh that is correct, they DONT MAKE ANYTHING
Can someone tell me why nothing but death, repression, slavery, misogony, hatred and intollerance trail in the wake of Islam...much like Hell follows Death and Hades? What sort of person that was not born into a religion started by a murderor and pedophile would be attracted to this rock worshipping moon-god paganism? Either fools or the evil, or most likely both.

Get out while you can. Become a Christian, or Buddhist, or even an atheist.

A friend.
Joey is an uneducated moron who doesn't get the meaning of "freedom of speech" ...he REALLY needs to read what our constitution protects. Joey is an ass. Maybe people should treat his sister the same way he wants Brigitte Gabriel treated. I also would LOVE it if he would move to an Islamic Republic since he obviously feels their way is better than ours.
Islam is a religion of peace. Blah, blah, blah. You people hate Brigitte Gabriel because of the TRUTH she speaks. If you're convinced that Islam is peace... clearly you are a myopic twit.

* 11/79 - Muslim extremists seized US embassy in Iran.
* 1982 - the Muslim way of peace begins a nearly decade long habit of kidnapping, holding Terry Anderson hostage and killing William Buckley.
* 4/83 - Your friends & family, Muslim extremists bombed US Embassy in Beirut, killing 16 Americans.
* 10/83 - M.E.'s blow up U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 marines.
* 12/83 -Y'all blew up US Embassy in Kuwait, killing 5, injuring 80.
* 11/84; 12/84; 6/85;10/85; 12/85; 4/86; 12/88.

When your friends, the Muslim extremist murderers lost their Soviet sponsors (after the Cold War ended), there was a few years they were crippled. But they started up again in February of 1993. And so it goes....

I'll stop now, because my carpal tunnel will start acting up if I type ALL THE OTHER TERRORIST ACTS performed by those of you who hate Brigitte Gabriel and the rest of the civilized world.

Brigitte Gabriel is a brave woman that deals in TRUTH.

Bet you won't let this comment get posted, either.
How is criticism of Islam "racist"?? Last I heard, Islam is a religion, not a race.
Islam has followers of all races, all skin colors.

Racist? No. Not at all. But Arab Muslims killing people in Darfur might be racist.
Killing them for being Christian, and maybe for being black. If so, that would make
those Arab Muslims racist. Racism is very easy to find in the Muslim world, just look
under any rock and there it is. We in the west at least admit and try to deal with
racism, no Muslim country can be bothered to do that.

So, who's racist now?
Nice to hear that all but one of the comments are from sane people. Sad to see everyone afraid to post but anonymously. My name is Matt Chase. I am a religious Jew from University City, Missouri, in the great USA. God Bless America, down with Islamofascist terrorist scum and their supporters like the hosts of this blog. Up with Israel, down with the 'Palestinians.' That whole state-of-their-own idea is working out real well for the average adjascent Jew-hater, huh?

God Bless the State of Israel, and may we have the merit for the current State of Israel to be the 'light unto the nations' that it has the potential to be. While I'm at it Kol Ha Kavod L'TzaHaL!

God Bless our friends in the religious Christian right in America (and half a dozen or so folks in Canada and Europe), who we can always count on to support the righteous side of the Israel/Arab battle.

Matthew Chase,
Missouri, USA
If you guys attempt to disrupt her performance, you are nothing but fascists.

Keep in mind how you extremists, leftists and islamists are ALWAYS free to speak on college campuses in this country without conservatives disrupting you or trying to shut down your speech while it is happening.

You guys better let Bridgette Gabriel speak freely, it is her solemn right. There will be witnesses there if you try to pull anything.

Last I checked, this is America, where people of all political persuasions are allowed to speak peacefully and without disruption.
I agree with Brigitte 1,000 percent. If the Arabs and Moslems world-wide and especially Israel’s and America’s enemies turned their weapons into plowshares the world would be at peace. The only thing you Arabs will have to worry about is that the Jews will debate you to death. We Jews love to talk, eat and enjoy life. After all, we only go around once. Can you ever imagine a Jewish mother being proud that her son was a suicide bomber? She will blame herself and want to know what SHE did wrong. There will be no celebration, no candy and no photos of this murderer posted all over town.

Why are Arabs so bloodthirsty and inhuman? And please don’t give me your pat answer “because Israel took our land.” Your viciousness toward the Jews began long before there was even a country called Israel. An Arab can live and be a citizen of Israel and be elected to the Knesset but can a Jew live in any Arab country? And please tell me what the Arabs contributed in science, the arts, philosophy, medicine and research to the betterment of mankind in the last 100 years? 50 years? 10 years? Think hard. How about this last year?
Moo-ham-head raped children. Poor Ayesha. The JonBenet of her days. Islam is a Nazi-Rape death cult and Moo-ham-head is a KUNT!
Follow the rules: someone invites her, she comes and talks, people listen politely to what she has to say, people criticise her if they want to (politely). What is so difficult or strange about that?
Hey, Joey...You are a prime example of how the educational system has failed. For your information, Ms. Gabriel is not a racist. Islam is not a race, it is an ideology. A hateful, misogynistic, murderous ideology. Its adherents want you to convert or die, they are not interested in peaceful coexistence. And by the way, most of the LGFers are far more educated than you are when it comes to Islam. Many of us have read up on what is taught in the Quran, you have obviously never read it. So why not wait to join the discussion until you know what you are speaking about?
Awww, poor little IslamicFascists. You can fight, but you will not win in the end.

Brigitte, G-d Bless.
Stupid Muslims - killing everyone who doesnt agree with them.
Jihad is to muslims what filet mignon is to freedom loving Americans. This woman has the balls to tell the world the TRUTH.

Only you Jihadis dickheads hide behind your masks, your guns and the vile abuse murderous texts of the Koran and Hadith.
Heh...well,I'm glad you little barbarian primitives have finally decided to show your true colors as enemies of truth,freedom,and civilized proves what pussy little cowards you really are...but of course ANYONE who sticks his ass in the air 5 times a day to pray to a meteorite ir pretty much telling people "look at me...I want to get ass fucked by Western Christians" people really have no idea what is waiting for you,do you?....well,don't're ALL going to get buried in pigskins when you die,if that gives you any you know how many pigs we raise here in the USA every year?...more than enough to bury EVERY Muslim in his very own remember....

"There is no gob of camel shit but 'allah', and mohammed was his bitch faggot !" if you will excuse me,I have to go take a shit....I just bought a brand new Quran and I want to see if it wipes my ass as well as Charmin does

Lord Locksley
Speak! Argue! Debate!...But never give in to dhimmitude and cowardice. The fact is that in this 21st century it is the Muslim world that displays the most wretched hate of others and a distorted sense of superiority without anything to back it up. Using words, as Ms. Gabriel attempts is preferable but we shall NEVER rule out defending our identity, civilization and indeed our physical existence in face of this insidious and malignant phenomena. Get real!
Joey, the educational system certainly 'failed' YOU. Islam is -not- a 'race'.
Thank goodness someone is willing to share their experience living under Islam. Most muslim women are vailed and afraid to speak due to some vile relegious edict. Islam is the only relegion left in the world today able to hold negating ideas. One commentator said it best, "behead those who claim Islam is violent." God bless this woman and if the muslims keep calling America the great Satan, they will eventually see America's capability. There will be no muslims left in America in 20 years.
When are you guys going to say what you really mean? You really want to say: "Jews, Christians and all other Dhimmis must be killed!" Come on, you can say it.
"Slay the idolaters wherever you find them" - From your Holy Quran, Sura 9:5.
And the fact that Brigitte Gabriel is a lowly woman just rubs your noses in it, doesn't it? I guess we could expect this from Ann Arbor.
Why are there so many comments by "anonymous?" Because the "ROP" (Religion of Peace) is so tolerant of dissent!
And your proposal(s) for a destructive riot will accomplish what? This is just another example of the jihad by dummies trying to suppress knowledge. It is interesting that all of you political terrorist are so willing to implement the very tactics you falsely accuse President Bush of using to control this country. Must be getting your information from the AP and/or Green Helmet.

As far as LGF is concerned they are FAIR AND BALANCED. They have to courage to link to opposing websites and blogs so we can read your hate speech first hand. They do not limit their presentation of opposing viewpoints to highly edited summations. Without LGF I probably would not have found your website/blog. Without LGF it is quite likely all women would be wearing gown length gunny sacks over their heads with only eye slits and live in dhimmi. Would that make N.O.W. happy?
Muslims are quick to pull out the Racist card. To bad Brothers Muslim is not a race. Criticising your belief system is not racism. But if it hurts your little feelings so be it. Let the woman speaks. Lest we quote the Anti-semitism and hypocricy of the Quran and the Truth that it brings. Surah 9 no less.


Muslim is NOT A RACE.
Joey, unfortunately your sister won't be able to attend the protest because she's busy blowing me. Allahu Akbar!
"I read it for entertainment and to remind myself how our educational system has failed us... but yeah keep up the good work and i'll try to get my sister to help your cause,"

Judging from you I wholeheartedly agree. Our educational system has failed us. BTW, make sure your sister is appropriately covered as you would not want her to be confused with a slab of raw pork ribs. Allah LikMyCrackBar to you!
Islam is one insecure cult, eh?
A woman is gonna chase you off the planet?

Someday soon this will be ended......way ended
You people are ignorant fools and will be defeated.


Whats the matter, cant handle hearing it come back to you in spades?
You people are ignorant fools and will be defeated.


Whats the matter, cant handle hearing it come back to you in spades?
Too bad you ignorant fascists can't handle free speech or the truth. Why don't you move back to Wahhabiville?
Sorry, Joey. Just because you're in bed with the enemy doesn't mean they won't hack off your head when they're done with you.

Oh yeah, tell you sister to attend Ms. Gabriel's speech and respectfully listen. She might learn something.
If she is not right, then you need to explain the violence done in the name of Islam and the violence on this very page that comes from you. Hmmmm...maybe she is right...
Every decent, righteous, moral human being is obligated to bash, expose and eradicate Islam. Islam is nothing more than theological Nazism. It is the essence of humanitarianism to tirelessly strive to rid the planet of Islam.
Bravo and long live Bridgette Gabriel !
So anyway Joey, when do you guys get past your nasty name calling and explain to us uneducated rubes WHY Ms. Gabriel is so wrong? It's because Ms Gabriel could destroy your side in a debate, and you being a pro-censorship fascist bully trying to silence people is so much easier than having to think and defend your ideas. L'Chaim Brigitte!!
Listen up followers of the child raping false prophet Muhammad,your days in the USA are numbered get out before we send you to hell to be with Muhammad where he sucks pigshit off Allah's dick.


Behead those who would behead those who insult Islam
What a bunch of illiterate Islamist scaredy cat asshats - what is it with Islam's dread of women? Here's what you do: Let her speak. Listen. Ask questions. Learn. Then: Go home and have some sex and a drink, read a book and get over your illiterate seething selves.
Islam is not a race. Any claims of racism for warning the world about the true nature of Islam is itself ignorant. The propagandized left needs to educate itself about Islam's true teachings and what it had done for 1400 years. Now, you know that cannot be good, if the founder of the "faith" was a thief, liar, murderer, rapist, enslaver, slave owner, misogynist and pedophile. Deny as you may, but all of those facts are celebrated in Islam's "holy" texts and good Muslims, aka terrorists, are merely emulating their so-called "prophet" (pig shit upon him), since he is laughably considered the perfect example who all Muslims should follow. The left should take a good look at Sharia's monstrousness. After all, if they are successful in aiding and abetting Islam's cancerous spread, they will be among the first to be extinguished. Islam is not peaceful and never has been, since its inception. It is a far greater threat to humanity and freedom than was Nazism and Communism combined. The evidence of its murderous and ruthless imperialism is overwhelming. Brigitte Gabriel is telling the truth, something to which Muslims have a complete aversion, since truth in Islam is what promotes Islam, regardless of reality. They try to forestall criticism, because they know that Islam cannot handle genuine scrutiny without being revealed as twisted and evil. Muslim can take their creepy, demented and vile belief system and shove it up their Fascist, narcissistic and supremacist arses.
Is this site, I cant believe this....this has to be one of the most outright racist sites I have ever seen....Thanks for the info on Miss Gabriel, I cant wait to hear her at U of M!!! Thanks for getting out the message, I never would have known that she was gonna be there thanks guys! She is a great leader on fight against the Islamonazis!
C'mon Joey!! I an French, I know what it is to live with the tolerance you cherish..., burned cars, hate of "your" country of adoption, anti-french racism, of course anti-semitism, drugs deal, etc, etc. These guys are the pride of the USA, they have perfectly understood the true nature of your culture, and it is exactly because the educational system has not failed (unfortunately for you). Last point, please, do not come to our countries. Why the hell to you come here. Please leave the west alone. Go back to your "countries".
Islam...Religion of Peace? No...religion of death and destruction! We are seeing Nazism re-invented!! I will NOT bow or break....God Bless America!
She's not bashing Islam, she's bashing Islamic fundamentalist extremists. If you were as clear-minded as she was, you would address your criticisms similarly.
She goes over the line with her rhetoric, but you yourself go so much further in the other direction. You don't have to prove your dedication to peace by ratcheting up your furor to meet the level of those who would like to see war (which is something distressing common among the Left, of which I count myself a member).
What is striking about many of the posts here is the alliance between explicitly fascist Islamists and their Western leftist cheering section. It's hard not to be reminded of the Stalin-Hitler pact. In both cases, hatred of Jews and of liberal democracy is the key.

People's Republic of Ann Arbor
Unfortunately, as a Lebanese (Muslim) myself, having read Ms. Gabriel's book I must agree with most of what she says in her recent book. We, moderate Muslims are now the minority, the majority has either fully adopted the Salafist jihadi agenda or is afraid to express their opinion. Our religion is becoming a murderous war against anything or anybody that does not agree with jihad against the kufr and the despicable anti-Semitism and anti-Christianism and anti-Hinduism (polytheists) of Salafi/Wahhabi styled Islam. I am ashamed to be a Muslim today, but still have hope for the future, insh' Allah
The way free speech is stifled on campus by leftists is a disgrace to America and its founding principles. This attempt to shut the mouths of anyone who disagrees with the radical left is just one in a long line of quasi-fascist actions recently taken on University campuses.
Yeah, Joey. The hate is coming from Littlegreenfootballs, not your own islamic, sharia, loving ass. Quit projecting and submit to the will af allah. Give away your American passport and head on over to the magical kingdom. Oh, and remember that the jews, who wish to live peacefully, are to blame for the constant rocket bombardments from Lebanon and the Palestininan terrortories. If those jews would just hurry up and die already, then the muslims would stop with the bloodlust, right, tool?

"Why has the Muslim world so little accomplishment to its credit? Maybe a dozen Nobel Prizes, for over a billion people."

Actually, there are less than a half dozen Muslims who have won Nobel prizes in the hard sciences. In fact, you can count them on one hand, without using your thumb and still have a finger left over.
Brigitte is NOT Muslim.

She does not dislike Muslims. She DOES fight against Muslim Extremeists and Fundamentalists. She fights against those who want to change Western governments and their cultures.

She was a victim of Muslim extremists during the Lebanese Civil War. She was a child, badly wounded, her home destroyed, and she and her parents lived in a bunker for 7 years.

She's a brave woman who's now an American Citizen. She has a lot to tell the United States about the danger of extremism...

To repeat, since some Muslims seem to love to glom onto anything negative, she is fighting against extremism and fundamentalism as it pertains to changing Western values, cultures, freedom of religion and speech.

If 99% of us had as much courage as she has, there would not be a problem with Islamic Fundamental Extremism.
Propaganda, lies and other Islamic crap,

This woman has every right to speak..why? you may ask well because
THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and many good people have died so that she can. So why dont you shut the frig up and listen to her if you dont like what she says then debate her but let her speak.

The hypocrasy of you people is unreal
get a grip and come live in the 21st century with the rest of us, leave behind your 13th century mentality and grow up!!
I see the anti-American, pro-Islamic oppression thugs are out in force today against Ms. Gabriel. What happened to free speech, guys? Afraid that a woman might point out the truth?

Please feel free to make asses of yourselves, the world is watching.
Only cowards try to stop speach. When the Americans finally awaken and forget about plasma vs HDTV,
you Muslims will be bending over to kiss your sorry asses goodbye.
The giant is sleeping but it will not sleep forever.
you crybabies never stop. This is AMERICA! Here we allow all viewpoints. Hell, we even allow morons like yourselves the right to protest the truth. Look at your Koran!! Read ch. 9. The fucking book from which you assholes take your cues advocates the subjugation of women, killing non believers (if they don't convert) and marrying 9 year olds off to old men. Reform Islam First. Then we can talk about the distinguished, courageous and honest Ms. Gabriel.
Wake up - you people are willing slaves and you're on the wrong side of history.
BRIGITTE Speaks the truth these islamic thugs are evil and they don't want peace. They are thiefs, liars and cold blooded killers.This is a War of Culture.
Read the Koran kill the infidel,
they hate AMERICA we must defeat these evil islamic radicals Now!!!!
Brigitte Gabriel book is on the mark!! great job Brigitte!
What's going on here?

Are you trying to disprove this woman's claims that Islam is inherently violent by stopping her from giving a speech? That's political violence. Can you smell the hypocrisy?

How can she be racist when she is an Arab? She does not hate Arabs. She hates militant Muslims. If you had seen their handiwork, against other Muslim Arabs, let alone 9/11, you would agree.

The fact is that the vast majority of terrorism perpetrated today are by militant Muslim terrorists. Most politicans, scholars and pundits are so worried about Muslims rioting that they cannot state publicly the one thing linking al-Qa'idah, Taliban, Jaysh al-Mahdi, Jaysh Muhammad, Ansar al-Sunnah, Hizbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayyaf, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, ad nauseam, is ISLAM. One more time. It's ISLAM. Why is this so taboo?

Darfur, the Philippines, southern Thailand, Somalia, Lebanon, Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya, Cyprus, Nagorno-Karabagh. See a pattern?

And one little woman has the balls to come to Michigan of all places and state this. Bravo. This lady must be truly frightening to militant Muslims. Does she have an army? No, just truth. Be afraid, be very afraid.

If you truly are the "religion of peace", as you claim, then prove it.
I didnt think you would have the balls to publish my comments about death to islamofascists...nice going dillweed, you proved my point about the suppression of views contrary to your own
Why are you so threatened by her? She has as much right to speak UNINTERRUPTED as anyone else not promoting illegal activity.

To those slinging hate in the comments: do not sink to the levels of freedom-fearing hatemongers.
Islam Is As Islam Does.
From the play A Man for All Seasons about
Saint Thomas Moore and his martyrdom for his faith:

Sir Thomas: So you would cut down the law to get after the devil?

Young Man: Yes! I'd cut down every law in England to chase him out!

Sir Thomas: And when every law was down and the devil turned round on you, where would you shelter then, the laws all being flat? How would you stand in the winds that woud blow then? I give the devil benefit of law for my own safety's sake.
Wow, I like how half of you think that I'm Muslim... Joey is a pretty damn Christian name and actually I'm atheist. You all are against freedom of religion so don't accuse me of beign against freedom of speech, I and this blog (if you even read it) do not advocate suppressing her speech, there are other ways to express your feelings such as protest.
I support this blog in their fight against discrimination and I find it very amusing how you LGF commenters are all against one extremist religous group in the name of another extremist religious group. But that is to be expected from LGFers. I know for a fact that LGFers are vehemently against terrorism, yet you support the Jewish Zionist movement, one of the first terrorist groups in the Middle East, until they got their weapons shipments and training from Western forces, then for some reason their killing is justified. Of course Israel was born from Zionist extremists so if you support Israel's beginnings you support the use of terrorism but none of you will admit that.
And pardon me if I think supporting white extremists over dark skinned extremists seems racist...
By the way, I don't think Israel should be wiped off the map or that the 2 billion Muslims on Earth should stop practicing their religion (and yes, LGF is against Muslims not just extremists, I read the blog daily and many of the comments) I am against extremist Muslims, but also against any religious extremism and this woman is an extremist Zionist Jew.

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