Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jewish Federation Protest Update

Below is an edited report from last Wednesday's protest outside the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County's annual "Main Event". I may provide some photos if they become available.
Everything went pretty well - only one small incident. T. brought two cameras and J1. also was there with his camera. No counter protesters showed up. Cops were visible driving around the grounds - had one interaction which was amiable. I counted 20 people. The small incident involved a big shiny red pick up truck which pulled up in front of us with his radio blaring country music and just stayed there with his motor running. L1. stepped forward and asked him if he was blocking the view. He didn't look at her, stared straight ahead and nodded his head up and down. So we spread out around him so traffic could still see us. After about five minutes he drove off. That was it.

J1. snapped pictures and interviewed J2. for this year's video. Weather was good - we stayed until 7:15.

Inside: L2. and I stayed to see who would come out of the meeting. We killed time by having some food - also they had [karaoke] and L2. did a number (Every Breath I Take). M. joined us - came late after her [redacted] class. She makes 21 if you want to count her. When the people poured out, M. & L2. only recognized Liz Brater. S. told us no one from City Council attended this year and they also had record attendance this time. She also told us the rabbis and guest left using service elevator with police. She said she would see us next year.

Thanks to all of you for helping me out with the signs and all. [redacted]


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