Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Beth Israel: A House of WARship

Members of Ann Arbor's Beth Israel Congregation (BIC) recently indulged themselves in the privileges of Jewish supremacy in Palestine by visiting that part of Palestine stolen from its indigenous inhabitants in 1948. It's not clear if they visited the part of Palestine seized by Jews in 1967. Consistent with the culture of death and violence in Judaism, BIC's members have apparently seldom, if ever, shied away from tacitly or actively supporting violence in a Jewish cause, whether committed by their own members or by the state of Israel.

Below are two photos from the "Beth Israel Trip to Israel 2007 Part II" photo album on the BIC web site. The first shows a small child posing in front of what appears to be an Israeli army armored personnel carrier and the second shows a smiling adult posing in front of the same military vehicle. BIC's open support for Jewish supremacism and militarism in Israel makes them more than a "house of worship." They are also an arm of the Israel lobby and that certainly warrants the continued protests by the courageous members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends.

Thanks to HH for the tip on the photo album.

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