Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anna Baltzer in Syria

The text below is from a report by the Syrian state news agency and my comments appear in italics:
American human rights activist Anna Baltzer, who participated in the march [in Damascus], described what is going on in Gaza as "insane…there are no words that can describe the situation there…I was very much affected by what I saw on TV screens."

PM: Really? I can think of some words to describe the situation: war crimes, slaughter, massacre, atrocities, genocide.

She added that she published a book titled "Witness in Palestine" documenting her diaries of the Israeli human rights abuses committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people, and calling on her country to change its policies in the Middle East and pressure Israel to change its hostile behavior.

PM: How nice to work in a plug for the book and how perfectly quaint to argue for the US to "pressure Israel". Why not go for the whole enchilada--a full cutoff of US diplomatic recognition and support and of US military and financial assistance? As Ben-Gurion observed, it's not a dream if you make it real.

Ms. Baltzer said that many Americans reject Israeli exercises against the Palestinians, adding that also many other Americans don't know what is really taking place on spot.

PM: What purpose and whose interests are served by telling Arabs that "many Americans reject Israeli exercises ..." when the vast majority of Americans passively or actively support Israel? Wouldn't it would be better if Ms. Baltzer had lent her support to growing calls to boycott Israel and the United States rather than make excuses for Americans?

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Hi, I just wanted to point you to my latest blog entry, about a Zionist group issuing malicious press releases about local Muslim community members.

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