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Shtulman, Jewish Federation on the Hanukkah Massacre

I was curious to see what the "local cadre of the Zionist state terrorist infrastructure," i.e. the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County (now the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor), are saying about Israel's Hanukkah Massacre in Gaza. The Federation refers to it as the "Gaza situation." On their web site, I found a national Federation statement that says in part:
United Jewish Communities/the Federations of North America expresses its solidarity with the State of Israel at this critical time as Israel engages in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. ...

"This is not the first time that Israel has been under attack and is not likely to be the last time. ... During this crisis, UJC Israel coordinates closely with our partners and with the Government of Israel regarding realities on the ground. We are monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis and should things deteriorate, we will consider additional needs including possible emergency fundraising efforts. ..."
Israel has turned Gaza into the world's largest prison and dropped more than 100 tons of bombs on Gaza just in the first day and, yet, Israel is "under attack." Go figure.

The new JFGAA Executive Director is David Shtulman, a dual US-Israeli citizen, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) veteran, and, in all likelihood, a current IOF reservist. Naturally, there is no indication that the local Federation repudiates any part of the above statement or its pathetic claim to Israel's victim status. On the contrary, in his weekly shabbat message--wittily entitled "The New Year Enters with a Bang!"--Herr Shtulman refers to the Israeli attacks as an "Israeli counter-attack on Hamas."

Shtulman next pulls a predictable role reversal of the Judaic culture of death with the unsourced claim: "Hamas has often responded with the mantra, 'We will win because we love death and Israel loves life.' " If Hamas uses this "mantra" frequently then it is pretty strange that it is not attributed to Hamas in the New York Times even once. In fact, in searches using two different databases, the phrase "we love death" turns up in the NYT archives only three times between 1851 and the present. The "mantra" never made it onto the news pages of the NYT.

In two instances, it appears in editorials by Jewish neoconservative pundit David Brooks. In March 2004, Brooks attributed it to Al Qaeda and by September of that year he had expanded it to the "fringes of the Muslim world." The third instance, was just five days before Brooks' second invocation of the "mantra." At the invitation of the NYT "Op-Ed page," in his proposed "conclusion to President Bush's [2004 RNC] address," former Bush I speech writer Daniel McGroarty attributed the phrase "to the statement the terrorists released to claim responsibility for the carnage ... in Madrid."

Terrorism: A Documentary and Reference Guide by Burns and Peterson (Greenwood, 2005), which includes Hamas, has only one documented reference to terrorists loving death and that is a statement attributed to "al-Qaeda in Europe" in connection with the Madrid bombings. It says: "You love life and we love death." There are two problems, though.

First, this is one of at least two statements claiming responsibility for the 2004 Madrid bombings. The apparently first alleged claim of responsibility by al-Qaeda does not say anything about loving death. It was discredited by the pro-Israel group, MEMRI. More importantly, a "two-year investigation into the attacks has found no evidence that al-Qa'ida helped plan, finance or carry out the bombings, or even knew about them in advance," which would indicate that both of the claims of responsibility are fabrications.

It is plausible that Shtulman's claim began as an Israeli false flag operation to smear Islam (see also the "Gil Affair" and "Israeli Psyops Against EU and US"). If that is the case, then it is awfully helpful to have someone to discredit the competing claim of responsibility. In this case the guy doing the discrediting, author of the MEMRI analysis, was Yigal Carmon, an IOF Colonel who served at least twenty years (1968-88) in the Israeli intelligence service. In sum, there is nothing credible linking Shtulman's "mantra" to Hamas. But since when have supporters of Israel ever cared about the truth?

Shtulman expresses surprise at the very unsurprising: "following a full week of heavy bombardment and hundreds of deaths, the majority of western newspapers and most European governments are still standing firmly with Israel." He notes that "the 'moderate' members of the Arab League – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority especially – while critical of Israel are placing the blame squarely on Hamas" and he helpfully identifies the real enemy to peace in the Middle East: Iran. Again, none of this is surprising--all of these "moderates" are bought, paid for, and/or propped up by the US government and have colluded--openly or otherwise--with Israel and the US on several occasions.

Shtulman continues: "Although civilian suffering is inevitably great, this is not a war against the civilian population." The only thing inevitable about the Israeli massacre is that when you attack densely populated neighborhoods with massive aerial bombings and missile attacks, you will kill civilians. It bears pointing out that since Gaza has no recognized sovereignty, no standing army, and almost nothing but small arms, a case can be made that everyone Israelis kill in Gaza is a civilian.

Shtulman closes with: "We must never become immune to the horror of war or accept it as anything but the last resort. But we also must accept that sometimes it is the only resort and hope that when it is over it will open a window to a more peaceful time for all." We have here a fine example of the Jewish "art of moral anguish" so admired by Barack Obama, the first Jewish president. Echoes of Rabbi Robert Dobrusin's justification of torture can also be heard.

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Dear Peacemonger,

I am honored to have captured your attention. When I write, I do so under my own name. Why don't you?

David Shtulman
I suppose, David, for the same reason that Ze'ev Jabotinsky used a pseudonym--"Altalena"--or that the authors of the Federalist Papers used the pseudonym "Publius." Many of you Zionists are a particularly vicious bunch, unhindered by truth or ordinary human decency in the struggle to defend your "shitty little country". Your shabbat message is clear evidence of this.
Since you're such candid forthcoming guy Shtulman how about telling us what the highest IDF rank you held was and what is your current IDF reserve status? BY the way Peacemonger Israel is under attack from Gaza just like the Nazis were under attack from the Warsaw ghetto.
Thank you Anonymous for telling the truth about Zionists

Every American should know that historically the Zionists were not descendents of Abraham and the Jews who followed the Mosaic laws of the Torah. They were war mongering Khazars, originally from Mongolia and Central Asia, who migrated to Russia, now Ukraine, Chechnya, and were known as Ashkenazis, from which the word “nazi” was aptly derived. (The Jews of Khazaria, Kevin Alan Brook, 2nd Ed.Rowman,Littlefield Pubs.,Oxford, p. 317).

They adopted the fascist philosophy of the Talmud in order to gain political power in eastern Europe, and flourished in Hitler’s nazi Germany. According to historian Francis Nicosia, author of The Third Reich, (1985, p. 160), “After the November 1938 "Kristallnacht" outburst of violence and destruction, the SS quickly helped the Zionist organization to continue its work in Germany,….” … and were, in fact, accomplices of the holocaust.

In fact, the Zionist flag flew over Nazi Germany while Jews were being tortured and murdered in the camps. (Brian Anderson, The Facts and Evidence, Page 50)

Zionism is the antithesis of true Judaism, which abhors genocide: If one is a good Jew, one cannot be a Zionist; if one is a Zionist, one cannot be a good Jew.
David, when you answer the questions about your Israeli military rank and status, how about also telling us where you served in the Israeli military? Were you in Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank? I'm sure you're very proud of your service and would love to share some details of it with us.

Anonymous above, you say, "Zionism is the antithesis of true Judaism, which abhors genocide: If one is a good Jew, one cannot be a Zionist; if one is a Zionist, one cannot be a good Jew." I don't think you have history or the Torah on your side on this one. Have you ever read, for instance, the Book of Joshua (or George Tamarin's study of its influence on Israeli society)? Also, please see my two posts "Readers Respond ..." and "Judaism's Culture of Death". I;m not trying to bait you, let's have a discussion.
P.S. Anonymous how do you explain the poll findings that "95% of Israeli Jews Support Hanukkah Massacre"? Are none of these people "good Jews"?
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