Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Message from a "Fan"

Yesterday, I received the disgusting message below from "Tom Philips" tphist@yahoo.com. It is the corollary of the hateful outbursts received from Brigitte Gabriel fans although unlike those missives I doubt the sentiments expressed by "Tom" are sincere. Rather, I suspect that the writer is simply parroting back every ignorant and vile impression he has of advocates for justice and peace in Palestine.

Frankly, until now I've never met or corresponded with anyone who expresses the repugnant views expressed below. In any case, my comments appear in bold.
To Henry, Blaine and everyone else "fighting the good fight" in Michigan,
Henry and Blaine do not receive e-mail at this address. In any case, I am sure that, first, as decent human beings and, second, as Jews they would both be as repulsed as I am by the sentiments you have expressed below.
I have been reading about the massive police repression in Ann Arbor and I simply wanted to thank you for your steadfast honesty and courage.
It would be a gross exaggeration to claim there has been any "massive police repression in Ann Arbor" of anti-Zionist protesters and, to my knowledge, no one does.
I fully share your contempt for the hook-nosed zionist vermin who have stolen not only Palestine but this country and most of the rest of the world from it's rightful inhabitants, and the need to utterly ANNIHILATE their unjust power and control.
This blog has never trafficked in the rhetoric or imagery of "hook-nosed zionist vermin" and never will.
Whenever I read the attacks of your critics, I can only think "if only the holo-hoax REALLY HAD occured" in just the way these subhuman sewer kikes constantly shriek about, and "if only "Wiesel, Foxman etc." had been among it's major victims"! Frankly, I agree with you that if ever a race of so-called "people" DESERVED to be "gassed to death in ovens", it's the Jews!!!!!! As you rightly point out, this verminous tribe of filthy parasites continues to inflict it's oppression on not only Palestinians, Iraqis and Lebanese but on all genuine humans of conscience worldwide and are (pace Mel Gibson's groveling apologies), indeed responsibile for all the world's wars.
Jesus said, "Listen and understand: it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles." You are living proof of this principle--you have defiled yourself.
It is most emphatically NOT Muslims, but JEWS who should be beaten, criminalized, politically disenfranchised, exiled and ethnically cleansed. Hopefully, the work that people like you are doing will help more and more people to first see these facts and then-most importantly!-to ACT upon that knowledge. Ultimately our goal must be:

God save us all from people who think as you do.
Thanks again for helping to convey this truly vital message.

Yours in solidarity,
Tom Philips
You're not in solidarity with me or Palestine, Tom.

I have nothing against Blaine.


good luck with your struggle
Why give this sick person any space for his ranting? He doesn't deserve the courtesy of a reponse.
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