Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Nine Commandments of the Holocaust Religion

The nine commandments of the "Holocaust Religion" below are developed in greater detail by the award-winning Israeli journalist Shraga Elam in his article, "Holocaust Religion and Holocaust Industry in the Service of Israel."
  1. Remember what Amalek has done to thee!
  2. Thou shall never compare The Holocaust with any other Genocide!
  3. Thou shall never compare the Nazi crimes with those of Israel!
  4. Thou shall never doubt the number of 6 million Jewish victims!
  5. Thou shall never doubt the Nazi Judeocide!
  6. Thou shall never doubt the right of Israel to exist as the Jewish state!
  7. Thou shall not criticize the leading Jewish organizations and the Israeli government!
  8. Thou must never criticize Jewish organizations and the Zionist leadership for abandoning the European Jewry in the Nazi era!
  9. Thou shall not doubt the central Role of Hitler in the industrialization of the extermination of the Jews!
Also, in the same article Elam cites the Israeli historian Idith Zertal, a figure known to readers of this blog. Elam writes:
According to Zertal, the spectacular actions of the illegal immigration after the war, like the famous trip of the "Exodus", were mainly part of a very effective propaganda campaign. She quotes the Jewish welfare organization "Joint" that claimed at that time, that the total number of immigrants including the illegal ones was smaller than the British quota. This means that if the Jewish refugees had been transported to Palestine legally, under normal conditions, it would have been cheaper, more comfortable and safer for them than using the shaky illegal ships and their number would not necessarily have been lower. But by using this legal way, the JA [i. e. Jewish Agency] would have lost the propaganda effects of the pictures of British soldiers using excessive amounts of force against Jewish survivors.
See also: Atzmon on Jewish Religion

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