Friday, August 24, 2007

Tom Philips, Zionist?

Recently, I got two anonymous comments that bore a striking resemblance to the work of the probably pseudonymous Tom Philips. Philips' stock phrase caught my eye: "SAVE HUMANITY! KILL THE JEWS!!!!!!" I always reject comments expressing this kind of this garbage because it is reprehensible garbage. But I also think it is Zionist garbage. This time I went back to read what I wrote last December about Philips' comment and realized that I didn't really explain why I think this is the work of a Zionist.

I think Philips is a Zionist caricature mainly because in all my years and varied experiences I've never actually encountered anyone (not even secondhand) who expressed these kinds of thoughts. Even the people whom I might consider anti-Jewish don't traffick in this stuff but I have heard angry Jews shout this type of garbage. So, I suspect that Tom Philips is a Borat--a caricature created by a Zionist Jew like Sascha Baron Cohen as an "anti-anti-Semitism" tool. Cohen says Borat "lets people lower their guard and expose their own prejudice" but Borat also functions to create a false sense that mindless hatred of Jews is widely held and accepted, especially among the boorish masses, and thus requires extraordinary vigilance and countermeasures. This, of course, would be consistent with the role of fear in Jewish identity as discussed by Gilad Atzmon.

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That guy Emailed me the other day after my Email appeared on Norman Finkelstein's website. I swear he must be a zionist posing as an anti-semite, since what I thought was an Email about supporting Dr. Finkelstein turned out to be him ranting about how the Holocaust never happened, etc. Kind of like how people on the internet like to pose as someone else. Talk about a weirdo...
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